Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happenings at the barn

Bobby had yesterday and today off, and he'll continue to have time off until the farrier has a visit with his tootsies. All shoes are still on and actually pretty tight (which goes to show the quality of work NF does), but his hooves are so dry and crumbly that I don't want to push my luck. Typical summer problems when your horse has bad feet, and the ground is hard and dry and the flies are out.

all the other horses have nasty fly bites on their chests. bobby has his under his chin.

Yesterday, Bobby got groomed, doused in fly spray, Hooflex applied, and stuffed with cookies. Today, he got a bath and spent a couple of hours grazing on the prairie outside the round pen while I hung out with some other riders. You would think this sounds great for a pony, but it was only acceptable to Bobby.

Me: Come on, Bobby! You're going out to graze!

Bobby: yaaaaawwwnnn. I don't know. I guess that's okay.

Me: What's wrong?

Bobby: Well, first of all, I was trying to nap. Secondly, I really wanted some new, different hay this morning because I didn't like my breakfast hay, but BM saw that I had all this extra hay--even though I tried to trample it to show her my displeasure--and she only gave me one more flake. And I wanted all the flakes.

Me: That's a sad story. Did you at least eat your one new flake?

Bobby: No. 

Me: Why not?

Bobby: Because.

I hung out at the indoor for awhile to watch K work with her 2yo Appy cross in my hackamore. Lily could have cared less about getting tacked up, getting her girth tightened, or about paying attention/manners in general. She's such a brat on the ground and preferred spinning in circles and screaming to doing any real work.

fat horse, strange inclusion of dressage whip.
Sarah rolled in and we went up to the outdoor where we were joined by S on Silver and H on Sunny. H is up from South Carolina until the 4th while her boyfriend/fiancee/husband paints a bridge. She's working with Sunny since other S is healing up from an injury. 

silver, the walker/thoroughbred/quarter horse/?
I had great fun listening to H talk about her horses back home in her southern accent, and I was impressed she knew of my old hometown of Florence (Current population 31,000--I promise you there were far less when we lived there.).

h on sunny.

Aaaand, that's about it. Nothing exciting has been going on. We've got a show next weekend so I'll ramp up the work once Bobby's toes are seen to.


  1. OMG! Why is his throat neon pink?!?! You must have radioactive flies or something.

    1. BTW I use Keratex hoof hardener and I've really liked it. Its expensive but it works, so you may want to consider it for the summer months.

    2. I ran out of clear SWAT so I had to borrow some of the horrible pink stuff!

      And I will definitely look into Keratex. He really needs something.

    3. I second Keratex. Pricey but good stuff!

  2. When's the farrier out? Still loving the you+Bobby convos.

  3. A third for Keratex. Lily looks like she's on red alert.

  4. Bobby needs his pedicure mom! :)

  5. Oh Bobby. He's such a ham. :)


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