Sunday, March 31, 2013


This is going to be a picture heavy, word light post. I know you guys hate that, but I'm sitting at our kitchen table because it's one of the few remaining pieces of furniture in our house. We moved almost everything over to the new house yesterday afternoon and should be finishing the move today, so if you don't hear from me all week, it's because we either A) don't have internet yet, or B) were murdered by banjo carrying yokels. You have been warned.

Jumped Bobby yesterday in gorgeous weather. Most of the standards are still down in the indoor so with four pairs to work with, I set up an oxer (3') two stride vertical (2'6) line, left Sarah's tires up, and made a fake corner.

It was Bobby's first "corner" and with his propensity to drift while jumping, I was afraid he might drift off over it, but he calmly popped over and carried on.

I had Hubby knock that up to 3' (barrel on end) while we went over the line a couple of times, changing directions and leads after the vertical. We also came over the vertical from an angle a couple of times.

proof that we can both occasionally get our shit together
proof that we can both occasionally get our shit together.
Went back to the corner and as long as we approached it from the very end of the ring instead of cutting in behind the oxer, he jumped it well. Certainly no hesitation or thoughts of running out. Such a clever pony.

what's that? slightly awkward spot? no bigs, robert. I won't rip your
face off for once. i'll just do this strange sort of auto release while keeping
my leg in place.

coming in from the shorter distance. clearly more "wtf is going on here?"

He got pretty frazzled by getting two bad spots in a row and he had a minor melt down.

no ride is ever complete unless bobby loses his shit at some point!
So we halted and hung out and then walked around for a few minutes to just breathe and reset the brain.

It worked in that he was no longer worried, but was instead reinvigorated. Worried Bobby showed back up in a few. First we had, "OMG, IT'S A JUMP! I GET TO JUMP THE JUMPS!"

Only that involved me riding like crap, turning in too soon which led to Bobby's favorite game, The Drift, which led to me having to pull him off of the vertical from the line and circle to avoid impalement against the vertical's standards. Clearly that was not great for either of us and Bobby started fretting again. I started to turn him in to the oxer from the canter and he turned his head towards the jump and just kept on cantering along the rail. "Bitch, please. You don't know what the fuck you're doing. I am not participating."

Came back to the trot and circled before trying to come in on a straighter track. That satisfied Bobby and we got the line done one last time, albeit with no brakes.

there's a classic carly jumping picture for you guys!
although this one had more to do with being run off with than 100% poor riding.
Lessons learned:
  • Pace was lacking at times which contributed to some awkward jumps. Nothing new there, I just have to be harder on myself about focusing on staying forward.
  • A grid with lots of bounces is in order for next week at some point. Someone was a little too fresh-to-death about more than one fence in a row.
  • Steering. Should probably have a tune up.
Overall though, for his first "course work" in five months, he wasn't awful. He jumped me out of the tack a few times and going back to jumping 3' made me feel like he was actually jumping 4', but he puts a lot of effort into getting that giant body over things--he hasn't yet learned the art of "less is more". We're not going Grand Prix here, dude. Save the back cracking bascule for...never.

Enjoy your Easter! Someone send me some Cadbury eggs! My rabbit has stopped producing.


  1. Happy Easter! I hate moving, so I hope you get settled in soon!

  2. I love how he does the 'calm, calm, calm OMG JUMP, calm, calm'

  3. Lol on the rabbit. Hope the move goes well. Happy Easter.

  4. Awkward distances are the worst! Good job keeping it together! We are moving too...NOT looking forward to the actual process!

  5. haha love the bunny pic!

    Hope you move goes well, totally not a fan of moving!

    Sounds/looks like you and Bobby had a great ride!

  6. Your rabbit is amazing!! Lol
    You and Bobby look great. :-)

  7. He certainly is enthusiastic! Love the bunny too :)

  8. Hope all goes well with the move, fab photos and I'm well jealous of your sunshine!
    Looking great - you've done fab work with hm this winter. :D


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