Friday, March 1, 2013


BO gave me the best news yesterday: Trails are open all week long until turkey season starts some time in May! YAY!!!! Of course, I didn't remember to ask her until I was done riding, but it wasn't too much of a big deal because I rode in the outdoor. Double yay!

It was absolute slop, but it wasn't slippery. After warming up and going over a ground pole a few times, I dragged out a pair of standards and set up a simple 2'3 vertical. He was jumping pretty flat, but it was small, and it was a vertical, and not much effort needed to be put forth. He was mostly polite the entire time, though we did have a Come to Jesus once each way.

Boring ride? Why not top it off with boring helmet cam? (I feel bad that I have this $200 fancy thing laying around and I'm not using it.)

After our CtJ to the right, I trotted him over it--something he's not a fan of--and he did it nicely so I moved on to jumping it from an angle a few times.

A note on the weather: As you can tell, it was flurrying a bit. When I left my house it was blue skies and sun. In the thirty minutes that I rode, it was snowing, raining, and partly sunny. I'm glad you're gone, February. Your weather sucked!

I spent a good ten minutes washing legs and boots when we were done. But who cares? Sloppy sand meant that I was outside! Yay!

Today I planned on doing a short, sweet dressage school in the indoor and then go out on trails for awhile. Well, March, I'm not such a big fan of your weather right now either. There was an inch of snow on the ground when I got to the barn! Five miles down the road there was no snow. The barn is in this weird weather portal or something.

Bobby started out our ride super behind my leg while still managing to be spooky (Spooky for Bobby is turning an ear or taking a fast step.). Barn Worked very not sadly had his last day today; what better way to celebrate than by parking his truck in front of the gate to the indoor and cleaning it out? Bobby doesn't like motorized vehicles (something about looking like an Amish cart horse that fucks with his brain) so he was oggling the truck while we were trying to warm up. He finally worked into a slow but pleasant trot and BW left.

His canter started out just the opposite of what it has been. He was disgustingly slow and four beating. Once more, I got into half seat and really asked him to go forward and he quickly got things sorted out. I wonder if his back might be hurting him? He's been working hard the past couple of weeks. He doesn't respond to palpations, but he's probably due for a chiro adjustment.

Back to the trot, we did some lovely leg yields, shoulder-in, and lengthenings across the diagnol. I wanted to finish with some counter canter loops, but Bobby felt like he should just get to tour the arena as he pleased. He was drifting off the rail and was greatly offended when I shoved him back over.

Bobby: I am a gold medal Drama Llamaaaaaaaaa!!!! You cannot defeat me!

Me: I would punch you in the brain if you had one.

Bobby: Lllllllaaaaaammmmmmaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

I don't even know how I resolved it, but I wouldn't have stopped if I hadn't won so I must have gotten something I wanted. Dick.

What better way to clear the air than a trail ride, right? Wrong. Someone thought it would be acceptable to put the periscope up and hop up and down in place while someone else was trying to document sunshine. That someone else disagreed with periscoping.

"i can't stand still! i'm an award winning drama llama, remember?"
He tried to incite a go-round when I reprimanded him for being a tool and he started spinning and backing. I figured that trick out earlier this year. All I have to do is sit there and not respond and he knocks it off himself. And then he put himself in timeout, fretting about the whole thing.

bobby timeout: curl your head to your chest and pout.
"don't take my picture, lady. this is my 'i hate you' face."
Whatever, Bobby. I gave him a reason to pout and made him trot his galloping hill. Then we agreed on a truce: I let him walk the rest of the way home on the buckle and he didn't take advantage and stick his mile long neck in the air.

What better way to end the day than a classic Bobby DUH face, refusing to enter his stall because he somehow got the crosstie over his big dumb head.


  1. ugh I WISH I could ride outside...BUT I can barely get to my barn, let alone anywhere else. So.Much.Snow. and below all that snow, a nice slick ice coating. Love ND.
    That last pic of Bobby kills me.

  2. You made my Friday! That last pic of Bobby is priceless!

  3. Hahah, Bobby the drama llama.

    What helmet cam do you have? Pros/cons? I'd like to get one eventually.

    1. It's the Contour Roam HD. I like how light it is--it feels like it's pulling your head to the side when you first put it on, but once you actually start riding, you don't even remember it's on there. It's super simple to figure out--push the lever forward and it's on. It makes lots of loud beeping sounds at you to let you know what it's doing, lol. My one gripe is that there's no editing software with it so you have to have something else if you want to shorten the videos or anything.

  4. Your helmet cam is awesome! Looks so cold and wet where you are! I hope it warms up again.

  5. Fun you are at least getting outside, but drama is seriously annoying. Pull it together horses!!

  6. Helmet Cam? Awesome. I'm thinking that should definitely be a future purchase.

  7. Oh drama Llama... Ponies! Glad you had 2 nice rides!

  8. Hah, I love his facial expressions and that helmet cam is AWESOME.


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