Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'm baaack!

Ugh, what a cluster fuck this move was. I lived in five different states by the time I was eight, and I haven't lived anywhere longer than two years since I moved out of my mom's house at eighteen, and I can honestly say this was the worst move ever. And we only moved an hour away!! The plus side is, I'm now only fifteen minutes max from the barn. Stellar.

pig says the best part of unpacking is finding all your old outfits.
darcy does not partake in such nonsense.

So what has Mr Magee been up to? The fuck if I know. My brain is so fried.

Last week, we did a lot of trail riding. We explored down by Fishing Creek, but didn't go far as round river stones don't make the best footing. I also nearly lost a boob to a vicious tree branch Bobby was intent on walking me into.

fishing creek.
We found the Stairway to Heaven:

no, really. we did!
And I made it down the Monster Hill by ourselves for the first time ever!! It only took us eighteen months!

"Hold on," you say. "You just strolled right down it like nothing? That doesn't sound like an accurate Bobby and Carly adventure!" No, of course not. Here's the out take:

That's more like it, right? Bobby celebrated by playing in the creek.

We did some dressage work that was obedient for the outdoor (where "obedient" usually isn't a word used in conjunction with riding Bobby), but pretty piss poor quality.

But it was still enjoyable because I was in a t-shirt (!!), we hung out with Sunny for awhile:

And we amused Hubby by going over a jump so he could play with the camera settings:

I followed up the next day with another outdoor dressage school where I shortened my stirrups a hole and my reins an inch and really went after Bobby to work as well as in the indoor. I kept it short since he was working super hard and it was in the seventies (!!), but I think we did a better job. He also got his first bath of the year!

giant ears, giant horse.
We played with Sarah and Memphis, once on trails and once on the xcountry course. Bobby was actually really well behaved on our joint trail ride. He was able to keep his jigging under control and channeled his "I'M WINNING!!!" mind set into simple power walking.

Memphis is all, "I got you this plant."
That is until we tried to show off for Sarah by riding down the Monster Hill with her, and Bobby flipped shit and fell off a cliff. Literally.

there's my horse, sitting on his bum after falling
off a cliff.
I did a flying dismount as he went sideways and backwards at the same time and scooted right on off the path. I did get back on and try again, but his brain was fried and I ended up just leading him down. Again. Grr.

Yesterday we went up to the barn's xcountry course for Memphis's first schooling. Bobby and I loped over a couple of the small jumps in the upper field and did the ditch while Sarah tried to wrangle in The Dutch Hippo's newfound "I'M AN EVENT HORSE!!!" enthusiasm. Then we did five minutes of trot in two point together and did a couple more of the tiny jumps and the tiny bank with them before putting it in park and watching Memphis jump the 2'3" jumps with his knees square to his eyes like they were 3'6" (including the ditch, which was hilarious). Memphis loved this new game and it was awesome to see how cocky and confident he was cruising around.

friends! for once.

We decided to do one more jump and have a run to finish. We aimed for the little (2'3 max, but probably only 2') hanging log that Bobby has done before many times and he sucked way back before running out. Oh, Bobby. I brought him back to the trot and he stopped right in front of it before climbing over it, whacking all four feet on it in the process. I gave him a pat anyway and we walked down to the bottom of the field for our run.

He hopped up and down and didn't really want to go forward until we had made it past the jumps. Then he moved out and had a nice gallop. I looked him over everywhere when we were done. Nothing. No bumps, bruises, lumps, whatevers. I gave him another bath with a healthy splash of linament in the water, gave him a gram of bute, and he'll get the next three days off.

Is it the LH foot still? That's the only thing I can think of that's been showing any sort of "offness". I'll give him a light dressage school Saturday to see how he feels, and hopefully we'll still be on for xcountry Sunday.


  1. Main Reason I follow you... when you say things like this...

    "So what has Mr Magee been up to? The fuck if I know."

    You had me laughing out loud in the office today! haha. What an awesome post. Glad your brain is slowly regrouping after the move!

  2. Glad the moves over! Seems like you and Mr. Magee have had some fun adventures!

  3. Omg, this entire post made me die.

    'see, this is why i don't want to go down this hill, your a fucking asshole'

    'i don't like it when you walk backwards, especially when its off a fucking cliff'


    I've had those rides. 'comeon, please, just go forward. please, i really want to. omg just do it!!!'

  4. I was begining to wonder where the hell you'd disappeared to...
    I had an awful experience with a mountian and cliff when in Montana trail riding. I decided it was safer to just live in North Dakota forever because the only hills/cliffs we have are interstate off ramps, and I don't ride there.

  5. I've missed your posts! Glad you're all settled in :)

  6. So many emotions. YAY you are back! UGH I hate moving. OMG your dog is adorable. and YAY again, closer to the barn! Hope the LH is nothing serious and that Bobby feels better next time you ride!

  7. I was watching your second video (at work...) and had to pull a quick turn down the sound move :) Cracked me up!

    Glad your move is over and things are getting back to normal.

    1. LOL, maybe I should have put in a "not work appropriate" disclaimer!

  8. Oh Bobby. You did so good going down the monster hill, but let's just concentrate on going down it forward next time. No need to impress anyone with unnecessary aerobatics.

  9. Oh man.. that outtake. You have me pissing my pants. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who calls my horse names when he makes bad decisions.
    "You're a dick"

  10. Hehehe. I love your teeny hill. Goofy Bobby.

    I am a little sad about your move--I was enjoying the stories about you neighborhood nazi dude.

  11. LOL, I literally watched the outtake like 7 times laughing so loud!! Choice phrases like "You are a dick" Or "On a fucking cliff!"
    way too funny!!!!!! and all backed by the best name, Bobby.

  12. Welcome back!!! I was starting to wonder...

    the outtake video cracks me up "Um no not going to happen"

    Yay for being closer to the barn, boo for a crappy move!


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