Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Catching Up

Sorry for the lack of truly fascinating posts... for, like, a year. But sorry again for the lack of any posts in a few days. I figured nothing really amazing has been going on as per usual, so I'd just lump my dull barn life into one big post. Yay!


Bobby's vet visit went really well. Vet cranked his mouth open to take a look at his teethsies and said she saw no problems and we could go a few more months before he got checked again. Saved me $75 there! We talked about his stifles as she looked him over and incited teeth grinding as she groped his unmentionables. Really, how rude. He got poked and blood drawn for his coggins and then she showered him in kisses and cookies. Vets love Bobby because he doesn't even acknowledge things going into his neck. Her thoughts on Sir Magee's bum:

He may only be eight, but because he's had this issue his entire life, each year it's going to get progressively worse. He may always be able to compete at the level I want him to, but each year it's going to take more and more maintanence. If I had the money laying around to spend, injections certainly wouldn't hurt him, but since I don't, I'm going to keep up with the strengthening exercises and add a joint supplement. Another vet just recommended to my vet a new prescription-only supplement that she's doing research on and so far she thinks it might be a good fit for Bobby. She'll get back to me next week with pricing and what she's learned and I'll decide if that's the direction I want to go. If not, we'll discuss what else is on the market for him.

Friday & Saturday

Both days off. Friday was planned upon, Saturday it randomly snowed three inches and Hubby and I are having a bit of a fucking spaz over things going on at the casa, so Saturday was spent freaking the fuck out in general. No bigs.


Sunday's theme was straightness. Or, the lack thereof. To the right, we're doing ok. To the left, mostly at the canter, Bobby's hindquarters are in a different stratosphere than his front half. I spent most of the ride focusing on getting him at slightly more put together, but it's going to be a big focus for awhile. On the plus side, he's being such a gem about bending to the left. He's getting so much stronger.

Actually, I'm kind of stoked about how well Mr Magee is going lately. The changes to his topline are amazing. He looks like a fucking beef cake. While I know we have lots of little gaps to fill in and I'm far from a great rider, I'm really happy with how far I've brought this giant monster by myself.

A boring, unedited video of the good, the awkward, and the "switch your butt back over":

We did sort of run through Training A at the end of our ride. Bobby was all, "Cantering now. I love cantering, cantering, cantering." Of course, no dressage test is entirely cantering, but instead of being an explosive prick, he contained himself pretty well until we came off of the stretchy trot circle. He couldn't help himself anymore and did a little scoot sideways that knocked his butt into the wall at the same time snow came sliding down and he spooked himself and sat on the edge of the arena wall.

Bobby: Did you see what just happened?! Holy shit!!

Me: That was your own fault, Robert. Carry on.


Me: Ok, we're now doing our free walk. Pay attention.

Bobby: Oh, ok. Free walkin'---OMG, STILL CAN'T BELIEVE THAT HAPPENED.

Me: Moving on now, Bobby!!!

"meh, leave me alone. i want my dinner."
ok, his booty needs work, but it's really not as small as it seems here.

To miss the additional 3" of snow forecasted for that afternoon, I went to the barn early for a ride. Everyone else had the same idea and there were four other riders in the ring with me. Fortunately, they were all in various stages of being done so it was pretty easy to work around. We did some basic but quality w/t both ways, cantered in half seat to the right because Bobby was getting a little tense, and then we hung out in the middle of the arena to watch Sunny perform his tricks with cones and barrels.

We did alittle more trot work to the left as the last two riders left and then we carried over the big barrels and flopped them down beside each other for a baby jump. He was excited to get to jump again, even if it was such a sad "fence".

Shavings had just been delivered when we got done, and Bobby thought they were there for his personal amusement.

J came roaring up on the atv dragging the tarp behind him to cover the shavings. Bobby glanced behind him before deciding he'd like to put his mouth all over that as well.

Still such a baby sometimes.

Today he has off, back to work tomorrow. I'm going to try to stick to at least an every other day schedule. This three to four days off in a row thing isn't working for either of us.


  1. Pfft you have great posts like, all year round! Love the picks of the Bobsters.

  2. You guys look really great! RE the joint supplements, you might consider trying injectable glucosamine. It's way cheaper than Legend or Adequan and seems to work better than the feed-through stuff.

    Bobby with the shavings is too cute!

    1. I'll talk to my vet about it! Thanks!

  3. Glad to hear the vet went well, all things considered.

    P.S. Know that your Bobby commentary is always ridiculously amusing.

  4. Love all your posts. That shaving pic is hilarious!

  5. Nice to catch up. Glad that the vet appt went well! Hue would get into our shavings pile if allowed...


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