Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vet Visit.

First up, neuro! A couple times last year Robert fell/ lay down after getting unhooked from the crossties and getting ready to put his bridle on. He didn't seem to get upset or paniced about it--just, crash bang, ok let me get back up again. It seemed more like he had fallen asleep while getting saddled and when the crossties came off, he layed down to take a nap, and then was surprised to find himself on the ground in the middle of the aisle. I took to tacking him up in his stall or in the wash stall and he was fine. He looked like he wanted to do it once when I first got him back, but I yelled at him and it...woke him up, I guess. Nothing since then.

Then two days ago, I went to take him out of his stall where I was tacking him up because the other crossties were occupied. Saddled him, girthed him, bridled him, went to lead him out and he took one step and hit the foot board in the doorway and pitched forward flat on his face into the aisle. Like he wasn't aware of his feet and/or was still asleep. It took him a few steps to get his feet sorted out again and walk in a straight line. I was kind of freaked out and longed him before getting on, but he seemed perfectly normal.

Vet did a neuro. Circling, backing, shining lights into his eyes, trotting off and halting, the whole routine. He was fine. She said he looked great. So what the hell, right?! I felt kind of foolish, but I was like, "Narcolepsy?"

Vet: Hmmmmmmmmmm...........Wellllllllllllllll.......I don't really have any answers for you. Pinched nerve from the saddle?

Me: No, he doesn't seem uncomfortable when saddling. He grinds his teeth a bit when girthing, but it's not like he goes suddenly off when I tack up. The times he's done it, it's like he's passed out.

So I guess it's still an "I dunno!" If he does it again or seems to get weird in some way, I'll have another vet out, but...it's not like it's an every time I tack him up thing. He hit the ground twice at the last barn and almost went down once, almost went down once at this barn, and then the falling out of the stall thing once. Again, I dunno.

you're getting veeery sleepy....
Next up was teeth. He was almost to the day due for a float so no surprise Vet found some hooks. A baby one in the front on the left side, and a huge one in the very back on the right side. She said the whole conformation of the right side of his mouth is different than the left side. When she was filing that side, he was very uncomfortable with her working on it. To the left he was fine, but she actually had to give him a little more tranq to finish off the right side. Overall though, his teeth looked pretty good. Nothing chipped or loose, no cuts or sores on his cheeks or tongue, and just the two hooks.

He got poked with Rabies, West Nile, 4-way, and Potomac. He'll have to get a Potomac booster in three weeks, but I can give it myself and not have to pay for another farm call. After the Coggins, the grand total was $272. I thought it was a little pricey, but itemized everything was actually cheaper than any other vet I've ever used. Plus, I really like their vets.

"you are not really my friend right now, mom."

The chiro will be here 3/20 to do Bobby and another OTTB at the barn.


  1. My horse (also and OTTB) does the "falling alseep" thing to. He did it once when i first got him and just got right back up and then he did it a second time last summer except he went up and down about 4 times in a panic before finally laying on his side in the middle of the aisle. It was like he couldnt get his feet under himself. I thought he was dying. He got up with some encouragment and was fine. I think that when he fell the first time it scared him so he freaked out which caused him to slip on the cobble stones. He hasnt done it since then and if he does fall asleep i make sure to wake him up. I had a blood test done the first time it happened that showed he was perfectly healthy. So i dont know why they do it but i wish i knew!

  2. Strange. Laz did that to me once, after I girthed him, he like fell, fronts buckled down and then he quickly recouped and got back up. There is some nerve I think, that can cause that during girthing....I *think*. I know take precautions and girth up supppper slowly and in stages, but we are JUST back in saddle with a couple years bare back, so we'll see what happens. I hope Bobby stays good!

  3. I have a lazy OTTB that falls asleep when grooming but he's never fallen flat on his face. As soon as I tighten his girth he's like "I'm up, lets do this". Hopefully, it's nothing serious and it doesn't start happening regularly.
    I love vet bills. One of the last times I was at the vet for two of my dogs, I paid for my horse that had his shots earlier that week as well as whatever they little house monsters had done. I asked them if I could set up direct deposit from my work because of the insane amounts of money I was paying.

  4. I would be really curious to know if this keeps happening to your guy and what the vet determines.

    My daughter's deceased OTTB started doing the same thing last year. He would buckle his front knees and go down on them - happened a few times when grooming and several times when he was just standing in his stall.

    I was going to have the vet out to draw blood and see what she thought, but he injured his left hind leg very badly and we decided to euthanize him.

    But, I was always curious if there was a medical cause to the falling asleep and going down.


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