Saturday, March 24, 2012

Involuntary Dismount

I did a twenty minute ride and a thirty minute hack with Bobby on Friday.

Highlights: Smartest Pony Ever has learned how to open the gate himself so that we can exit the arena at his pace. I'm not sure this is a good game, but it beats me leaning over his head to swing it open.

He picked up on the "relax yo face, foo" game really quickly in the arena. On the trails, I let him do two short canters, working on slowing him down and letting him out again. He was really, really good and just plodded along when we were done.

The lowlights: He was quite sticky to the left at the trot and took awhile to soften his silly face. He was clenching his jaw and neck again. He finally relaxed and I stopped early to reward him and tell him he's a good, smart Baby Horsie. Several trees were cut down in the first field we go through on the trails and each time I hack out I walk him over them--they're that small. Yesterday, I decided to trot him over one that was out by itself.

zomg, giant advanced log!
Bobby bolted over the first time, note even jumping it--just throwing in a bigger canter stride. Sigh. So I walked him over it again. No big, right? Tried trotting it again. Cantered two strides out (which I don't really want to discourage because I really don't want a stopper on my hands) and launched over it. Double sigh. Walked it again. And again. And one more time for good measure. Trotted again. Picked up the canter and jumped over it just fine. Really, dude? We have a lot of work to do.

aw, robert. you can be cute.
Today I dragged Hubby along. I've gotta say, I'm kind of disappointed in Hubby's picture taking lately. I need to get him a real camera instead of my dying point and shoot digital. I rode with Sarah and Memphis, doing a thirty minute w/t flat before I mad poor life choices.

memph and bobby

look! streeetch!

stretching and flexing his jaw? whaaaat?
Then I was all, "Hey, let's do some jumps! We haven't jumped in over a week! GOOD IDEA!"


epic fail.
We set up a baby bounce for him--his first one ever. Straight up poles on the ground as the first "fence" and then a small X. I was all, "Hey, we haven't cantered in a week, and we haven't cantered yet, and I feel dizzy as shit, but let's canter this bad boy!"

He leapt the ground poles, was totally taken by suprise by the X and tried to bolt to the right but there was another jump boxing him in so he leapt over the X. I was all, "I'm falling! Oh, nope, I got this! Nooo, definitely falling!"

I basically did a flying dismount, called "Gettin' off!" halfway through the air and landed on my feet with reins still in hand. Phew. Best fall ever. I went through once more just to not completely destroy both of our confidence...s? Then I let him lope around the arena once and we called it quits. Oi. Some days.

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  1. Robert is adorable, I can imagine him flying over that log on the trail. So sorry you fell off but so happy you landed on your feet, that has to be the best fall ever.


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