Thursday, March 22, 2012

The bad and the good.

I went up to the barn yesterday afternoon to check on Robert and drop off his anti-hives meds and as soon as I rounded the corner, BM said, "Your horse is so, so sore. In fact, I think he's laying down right now." Oh, great.

He had no desire to get up so after I played with him for awhile (because what isn't cuter than a pony laying down and not colicing?), I threw some Bute in a little grain and tricked him into thinking it was a snack. It looked to me like it was all in the front end which made me feel a little less guilty about tacking hinds on. I couldn't feel any obvious lameness and I talked with the owner of another horse that got adjusted who said her mare was super sore for a straight week after the first time she got done. BO said he was sore all day, but seemed better when he was at the top of the field walking around than when he came down and stood in the run-in.

With that in mind, I gave him a good grooming and dragged his poor, pathetic self up to the delish grass outside the round pen and watched a lesson while he grazed. One of the girls taking a lesson commented on how shiny Robert is. I don't know why this seems to blow people away. Pick up a friggin' curry comb and your horse will be shiny, too!

He got some more Bute this morning and when I went up at noon, he walked over to me free as a bird and ready for cookies--closely followed by fellow cookie monsters Spyder and Ranger. I brought him down for a once-over and another thorough grooming (I kind of miss the cool weather that warranted him wearing a sheet).

I worked with him on the ground for fifteen minutes--moving over, backing up, walk-halt, walk-trot, trot-walk, trot-halt. Then I got greedy and jumped on him bareback for ten minutes. It took half a lap around the arena for him to remember his lesson from Friday and after that all I had to do was squeeze the reins and he'd drop his head. We only walked, but he was awesome the whole time. He got lots of scritches and extra cookies when he was done before getting tossed back out.

And in case you wondered what a ball obsessed Heeler looks like:

Bitch is crazy.


  1. It's not the curries! It's magic!!

    Haha. I get that too. Amazingly, since I thoroughly groom my horse, she is shiny. People who never groom their horses have unshiny animals. Crazy world.

  2. I wish making my horse look clean was as simply as picking up a curry comb...

    The dog video made me LOL:)

  3. Awe, so cute. Pippi was sore for a few days after she got worked on. I always was a little worried. Glad he is doing better tho.

  4. His nose is so kissable!

    I see a certain resemblance between your ball-mad heeler and my fetch-mad cattle!


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