Sunday, March 11, 2012

Friggin' Saddles.

So the new saddle won't work. As lovely as it is, it didn't fit Robert one hundred percent, and while I might have been able to have someone tweak it to fitting just right, I really didn't like riding in it. I felt way off balance and uncomfortable and just...ugh. I ordered another saddle that's a whole different direction, and I think I might like it a bit more. Hopefully.

Due to new saddle issues, I only rode about thirty minutes and most of it was pretty....ugh. I felt so off jumping and Robert's flat work wasn't great.

one day i will be able to adjust my spurs so i don't look so foolish.


he looked awfully cute in his white polos.

cantering! yay!
We did a couple of hops over the 2' vertical on the circle before raising it to 2'3". He didn't seem to notice and went over relatively well.

I did a little more flat work, then we went over the other vertical. A couple times at 2'3, then 2'6, then finishing off once through at 2'9. Unfortunately, Hubby's picture taking skills were seriously lacking during our jumping so I'll spare you the pain. But an example:

so flattering.

But I was happy with his willingness. He didn't even blink at 2'9.

Now that I feel confident he's feeling confident over some height in the arena, I'll drop the jumps back down a hair and start adding scary monster things underneath them. And still working him out in the cross country field. After he conquers scary monsters, I'll take away the placement poles, and then we'll finish--hopefully by the end of April--with BN height scary monster jumps with no poles. And a more willing attitude in the cross country field, of course. I'm penciling April 15th for our cross country schooling at Burgundy Hollow. His big boy panties better have come in the mail by then.


  1. Too bad the saddle didn't work out.
    Great jumping :)

  2. He looks great!! Sorry about the saddle, i feel your pain!! :)


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