Thursday, March 8, 2012

One step forward, one flying leap backwards.

spyder and ranger begging for cookies.
I guess because yesterday was so fabulous, today had to be absolutely awful. I was honestly scared I was going to get seriously hurt because of Bobby's antics.

He started off super. We warmed up on the outdoor with Sarah and Sue. He picked up the left lead right off the bat, loped right over the small vertical on the circle from a perfect distance and landed on the correct lead and loped off. After that we headed up to the cross country field.

We trotted a lap around the whole field without incident. Took a lead from Blackberry up the bank and jumped up--a little awkward, but game. We did it once by ourselves then headed over to the tiny hanging log, about 2' tall. Trotting up to it, he started sucking back and cantering in place. I tried to kick him on, but he was having none of it. Instead, he starting flying backwards downhill. I did what I could to get him forward but I ended up jumping off one step before he landed ass first into the fence.

Yep. There goes all forward progress.

I got back on after backing him half way across the field and decided I'd just work him a little at the walk and trot while Sarah did some jumping. Nope. Little baby rears, flying sideways, and starting to fly backwards again. I leapt off again and unhooked a rein to longe him. The ground was a little muddy, but nothing that was dangerous or even worrying. Blackberry was jumping great, and Bobby was longing without slipping.

I was not in the mood for a fight, so we decided to go for a short hack to end on a good note and chill out. That started off fine. He walked along calmly even when Sarah took Blackberry for a run by himself. Then, we turn for home on one of the galloping paths.

Bobby started hopping up and down in place wanting to run but I knew he would take off with me if I let him go even a little. So I said no, kept my leg on and my reins loose. What did he do? Rear. Straight upwards. On the base of a hill. If I had had my whip, I would have left a dent in his fucking head. Sarah had to grab his reins and give us a lead forward because he wouldn't budge unless it was skyward. Thank God for Blackberry and level-headed friends. She ponied us for a bit until we were able to just walk along beside them. I dropped my stirrups, bridged my reins and took a firm hold of his breastplate. I've had a horse go over on top of me before and I'd much rather bail than try to ride it out. Fuck that. I still value my life.

We took the rear when we had to go through the woods and Bobby decided he couldn't go down one of the hills. I turned him around and walked him parallel to Blackberry until we found a less steep path to cross into the field. Mind you, he can still see Blackberry, but he would have none of it. He started doing the rocking horse--rearing up, bucking out, rearing up, bucking out. I tried to get him to just go forwards, but I ended up getting off and leading him the rest of the way home. I was so disgusted.

I put him on the longe and made him work his ass off at the canter and trot until he was foaming. Fuck you, Bobby. I like you when you're good, but I am not breaking my neck because you want to act like a fucking retarded two year old.

I gave him a bath since it was a toasty 68 and stuck him in his stall with no cookies. He'll be lucky if he gets his birthday cookies tomorrow. Asshole.

i tried to make him look pretty.
not so much.


  1. I think you made some good decisions. Izzy did the same thing to me once, and I got off way before you did. And stayed off.

    I hate to say this, but ulcers? It's weird how he goes from being so good to that terrible. Maybe it's just his personality and you can't change it, but you can fix physical things.

    1. He just finished a 2wk course of GastroGard which I would imagine would make at least enough of a difference to even him out. I think I'm going to order the pop rocks though.

  2. Jeepers. What in the hell is going on in his brain? It makes me wonder that something is just misfiring mentally to have such good days with these intermittent complete melt-down days mixed in. Sounds like you made the best of a really tough ride though. Glad you are both in one piece.

  3. Are you sure he isnt in pain? Maybe... I know you have already talked about this, but that much of a change from on day to the next is usually indicative of pain. Are you using different equipment, is there something different about his T/O, etc? What happens differently on the days when he acts up? Look hard for a theme, it could be something as simple as him running too much in his field...

    If you are sure he isnt in pain, it is possible you are still overfacing him and his way of reacting is to melt down. My old TB mare was that way, once her brain was fried for the day, that was it. You couldnt talk to her.

    1. Nope, no switch in tack from Weds to Thurs. Same pad and half pad. Same saddle. Same bit. Running martingale on. I rode him at the same time the two days so he'd been out for the same amount of time when I brought him in to ride.

      He was really, really good warming up in the arena, and jumped the bank really well. But once I started trotting him towards the log (literally 2'!), it was like his brain just switched off and didn't come back on for the rest of the ride.

  4. Wtf Bobby? He's being a Boobie. I hope you figure it out, or he does soon so no one gets hurt. That is 0 fun when they are just acting dangerous.


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