Thursday, February 9, 2012

Success of a different kind.

Random fact about me: I love to cook. I am also a very good cook--with the single exception of pizza crust. Until last night.

ready to go in the oven.
No matter what recipe I've used, my dough always turns out too heavy. It rises really nicely, but it's just been way too dense. No matter how long it got left to cook, it was never done enough and there was always a gooey, doughy type of finish to it. Yesterday, I finally pulled out Betty to see what she had to suggest. Betty knows what's up. My dough was soft and springy and rolled out be-yoo-tifully.

after getting cooked for five minutes, ready for toppings.
It poofed right up after it's brief first time in the oven, then browned be-yoo-tifully for its final fifteen in to create absolute deliciousness.

ziti pizza: the most delicious way to get ten billion calories in one sitting.
The bottom of the crust was just crunchy enough, the rest of it was light and airy. Consensus? Best crust ever. Thank you, Betty.

now that i'm not starving, that makes me feel a little sick. lol.
but look at the crust. yummm.
I was so pumped. Pizza crust, consider yourself conquered.

also, we got snow. yay!


  1. That is one crazy pizza. I like.

    Congrats on the crust! I haven't even tried yet.

  2. Whoa ziti pizza. Holy crap! I'll have to send you a link to my new blog (featuring me in all my domsestic-ness). We are super into cooking and homemade pizza is top of the list. My BF swears by the King Arthur Bread Book for all his baking needs, and that's the pizza dough recipe we've used several times.

  3. I'll add the book to my wish list! Hubby and I are on a carb overload binge right now, making bread up the wazoo. I love trying new recipes!

  4. We also started a sour dough starter when we first met. Zach has been making sour dough for years and is quite good at it, so we thought it would be fun to make our own starter that we could keep forever (some starters in San Fran are over 200 years old) -- sour dough pizza dough is awesome too! The starter is a little bit of a labor of love (you have to feed it once a week) but completely worth it! ps. the new blog is over here: if you feel like reading something non-horsie!


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