Saturday, February 25, 2012

Horse compatibility

As I was fooling around on my favorites bar this morning, trying to find something to amuse myself for a few minutes waiting for Hubby to get around, I found this link on HN that I was obviously going to get around to sometime. It's about how compatible you are with your horse.

Red came first because Red will always be better than Bobby and everyone else. Red was a Dragon.

"Horses born under the sign of the dragon will be lively, intelligent, full of energy and excitable. They make great herd leaders and don’t like to make mistakes. They will approach difficulties head on and are not easily discouraged. Weaknesses include an uncontrollable moody-ness and their intelligence and excitability can cause woes for their human counterparts."

Dead on. Very smart and talented, but a little bit naughty. Sometimes very naughty. His compatibility with me, a Rabbit? "Hard going." Well, I'll say! I can't tell you the amount of times when I first got him that I'd end a ride by chucking my helmet/gloves/saddle across the tack room and tell everyone around that, "I am going to put this fucking horse up for sale as soon as I get home!" But in the end he was the best horse on the planet.

red the celeb.

Now for Bobby, a Rooster.

"Rooster-Horses are deep thinkers who are honest, bright, ambitious and capable. They are loners who also have a quick mind and an even quicker temper. They enjoy having a job and like to stay neat and tidy. Their weaknesses include having difficulty getting along well with other horses, and they think that they are always right. Rooster-Horses tend to be overly emotional at times as well."

Mostly lies. Deep thinker? I think not. He's never been particularly bright or ambitious, and he's proving to be pretty incapable of simple things like trotting over what's essentially a raised ground pole! (Can you sense I'm still holding a bit of a grudge?) However, overly emotional and a quick temper ring true, and he definitely has no idea how to hang out in a herd of horses.

His compatibility with me? "Many conflicts."

No comment.

move, you dumb mule!
bobby as a yearling.

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