Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Weekend

Hubby and I took a tour of the cross country jumps Saturday. It was hot. It was humid. It was like climbing Mount Everest if Mount Everest was in the Amazon. Once Red gets fit enough to start conditioning up here, he's going to be beastly.

damage from Irene getting cleared out.


another view from the banks.

jumps got knocked out by Irene.
Nothing too fancy, and certainly nothing big, but at least it's better than having nothing at all to school over and simply showing up, hoping Red will go over.

I rode in the outdoor by myself since the barn was a mad house with lessons and boarders in the indoor. I don't know if it's because I haven't ridden in a month, or what, but I was all over the friggin' place. My equitation was dreadful and Red was poking along because of it.

i way overuse my leg when trying to get a bend or leg yield.
to say the least.

now move that booty over....
My shoulders were slumped, my hands were puppy-pawed, my legs were all over the place because I was clenching at the knee, and I couldn't keep my eyes up for the life of me. I never really got it together and only did about thirty minutes of walk and trot work before cantering once around to the left, bouncing over the tires just to end on a fun note.

Hubby volunteered to cool him out, so he plodded along on Red for awhile before we brought him back down, bathed him, and let him stuff his face with hay.

He's been moved to a new paddock with two other OTTBs that stick to each other's sides and ignore Red, and Red seems pretty happy with that arrangement. He still comes running to the gate to come back in whenever I go out to get him, but I think it's more because he knows there's guaranteed hay in his stall so he should eat it pronto than that he's miserable with his turnout arrangement.

Sunday, the barn was alot quiter when we got there with just one other boarder riding, so I shared the indoor with her and worked Red there. I put my spurs on to get him to listen to my leg (Listen period. Not even just pay a little more attention. For a Thoroughbred, Red has dead sides.) and I dropped my stirrups a hole. The longer stirrups made a huge difference in my riding. Before, they were too short for dressage, but too long for jumping and I think that was a huge part in making me feel so awkward.

I thought we got in a much, much better school today with both of us understanding what we needed to do this time. I still need to work on looking up (who doesn't?) and my stupid hands. I worked him a little at the canter, and I was going to run throught the BN Test B test for Bucks Oct. 9th, but the other woman in the arena decided to put her friend on her horse to cool out, so she was wandering aimlessly all over the place. Hopefully tomorrow.

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