Friday, September 9, 2011


As much as I've been wanting to get to the barn these past few days, there is literally no way to get there. In case you live in another country, or on another planet, Central PA has been flooded. Hubby and I live in Danville, and we're very fortunately on top of a hill three miles out from the center of town, so it no longer looks like we got any rain up here. However, we drove down to play locals and to see the Susquehanna.

The flooding is insane down there, and Danville probably got off the easiest in the area because the river is usually so shallow in this area. The lower parts of town have been evacuated, and almost all the roads are closed. When we went down, the bridge over the river was still open, but the National Guard were warning people that they had one more foot to go before they shut it down. This is the only bridge open to get across the river for miles and miles.

Mahoning Creek, where my pictures of the dogs playing are always from (in knee deep on me water in the deep pools), has flooded its banks and is leaking through the levee system they put in place yesterday. The intersection of Rte 11 and Rte 54 is under water. Very eerie, and very surreal.

Here are some pictures from town:

garage under water

the garage next to the banks of the susquehanna

ferry st in danville

the danville park starting to go under

danville park

the bridge over the river

danville middle school

rte 54

cvs flooded by mahoning creek

the intersection of rte 11 and rte54

mahoning creek flooding

a different kind of traffic on rte 54

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