Sunday, September 11, 2011

3'....and lame.

Yesterday, we were finally able to make it to the barn. There were a million and a half people riding in the outdoor because the indoor took in a lot of rain over the past few days, so I decided to take my chances and work in a smaller space alone than try to deal with eight people at once and still try to get work done.

I broke apart my dressage test and worked on changes of directions with changes of bend, and the trot to canter at X circles each way. Red was really solid in his right lead canter, but his trot work was kind of tense. He was rushing with his head up each time we came back from the canter, and he was anticipating the canter each time we made a circle. I took it really slow and stayed patient, and whenever he started to rush, I brought him back down to the walk and waited until he was going on the bit again and was giving me a good walk before asking for the trot again. Then we'd work on getting the trot relaxed and rhythmical, then we'd go on to the canter.

I worked him on the flat for about 45 minutes after warming him up, then I jumped him over a vertical three times. But not just any vertical. A 3' vertical! Woo hoo! We haven't jumped 3' in three years!

ok, it looked more impressive in person.
He knocked the rail down the first time because he jumped from a loooong spot, but the final two times he went over really well and didn't touch it at all (true to form). Best of all, he was barely sweaty under his saddle when we were done! Thank God for Thoroughbreds. It's like it's their job to get fit in a week or less.

i swear it was 3'. i measured it.'s also like it's a Thoroughbred's job to be broken at all times. When I brought Red in from the paddock, his hind legs looked a little stocked up. No big deal. It's been gross and muddy out. No heat, he wasn't off in the slightest the whole time I rode him, and he was totally unconcerned with me poking at it. After I rode him though, there was a smidgum of heat in his right hind. Hmm. I rubbed him down with linament, then wrapped him and had him left in for Sunday (today).

"stop taking my picture and let me eat my hay!"
Today, there was definite swelling in the right hind only, and a little more heat. Urgh. I longed him to see what we were dealing with. He was fine at the walk, but striding a touch short at the trot with that leg. I cold hosed him for fifteen minutes (yawn), then poulticed and wrapped him again. If that doesn't do anything, I'll probably try for one more day, then switch to a sweat to see if there's not an invisible scratch from the mud that I can't see. He's also got a tab of bute that he ate like candy. Poor Red. He's used to being broken.

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