Monday, December 14, 2015


No, my horse isn't cracked in the head.

Okay, well. Maybe he is. And by "maybe" I mean, he is.

The title is in reference to Bobby's chiro appointment in which he got cracked back into shape in the strangest of places.

Chiro watched him walked down the aisle and commented that he looked pretty even behind. Bobby is always out behind, so it seems at least, but this time around he hasn't been swapping leads or not stepping under himself. The trouble was getting him bent around my inside leg on a circle and feeling like I had zero control of his shoulders.

So I guess really it wasn't so strange at all when Chiro got to his withers and started counting off the vertebrae that were out of place one by one by FIVE OF THEM.

Poor dude. Not that throwing yourself repeatedly into the wall is ever a good way to deal with your issues, but I will give it to him that he had a valid excuse to not want to bend on a circle.

new horse in the field who's a total whack job. that doesn't bother bobby any because
romeo won't let sal anywhere near his lover. 

Chiro said that when I mount, I need to do it parallel to his shoulder, facing forward instead of facing his back. I haven't changed my way of mounting ever so I don't know why I've suddenly pulled him out of whack, but whatevski. I can mount differently. No big deal.

He also said that I should ride in my dressage saddle--not just my jump saddle--with a breastplate. He said there's nothing wrong with the saddle fit (Don't worry. I went crazy horse chick on him and demanded he confirm that.), but that any saddle I put on him is going to slide back some because of his giant mountain withers and cause some soreness.

Obviously my five point isn't going to cut it in the dressage ring. I care nothing about looks, but even I can tell you that. After searching on ebay for a three point or polo breastplate for approximately two seconds before remembering how much I hate online tack shopping, I recruited everyone's favorite bargain hunting tack ho who found me just what I needed in no time, and I have one on the way.

it will do until friday i guess.

We walked the trails on Saturday so that when Sunday rolled around we could jump and get some video. Warming up, he felt tons lighter and freer in his stride. We popped over the gates off of each lead for warm up, and then had Hubby set up the two jumps on the rail.

We started with everything set low except for the oxer which somehow ended up starting up quite large. Our first round was pretty typical for us--stop and go and flail and repeat. I'm glad I got video because it showed me that I'm starting to fling my hands up again on approach and inadvertently smack Bobby in the mouth--a problem I did knock down once upon a time, but is apparently creeping back up again. Will work on that! (Again.)

We kept right on coasting and did the whole thing a second time with better results:

We couldn't really figure out the first jump to save our lives. I don't know why, and even coming around to do it by itself several times proved tricky.

I had Hubby and B (who was nice enough to postpone her ride on the green bean pony with questionable steering to volunteer as jump crew) put everything up two holes and we did the mini course a couple more times.

He was consistently quite rude for the little vertical off by itself, but it wouldn't be Bobby if he didn't CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE to something.

I'm also happy with how well he worked with me on his leads. The right to left was a breeze every time as it usually is, and while the first few times he went to fling himself in a panicked scramble left to right, once I got through to him we could calmly switch over through the trot, he ended up solving the problem for both of us and just landing on the correct lead.

So. Some things to work on for sure--a bit more of an open stride, shorten my stirrups up a hole or two, and put my fucking hands back down--but overall a good school.

when you tell hubby not to bother with pictures and he tries to take a picture anyway

This morning's ride was flawless. So flawless I called it quits after ten minutes of gorgeous w/t/c and spent half an hour meandering around on the trails in my t-shirt.

totes gorg.

You guys probably never run into the problem that I have all the time. Some of you because you don't ride with mirrors and everyone because your horses aren't fugly. I feel like even when Bobby is going correctly, and possibly even fancily, I come by the mirror and I'm like, "....but you're just not an attractive overall picture to look at, horse."


Hot damn, he just looked so good, and felt so good, and I might not be able to afford a lesson this month because I had to pay to pop his withers back into alignment, but it was worth it.


  1. That is so awesome that the adjustment helped him so much! Hashtag stunning is right :)

  2. Happy that adjustment helped that much! I'm going to have a chiro out for Redman soon just for funsies and because she's a friend (so she gives me all the deals) and I'm super excited to see how much it helps him.

  3. I don't know much about chiro but 5 vertebrae sounds like an awful lot. If only he could tell you in more subtle ways. And gosh, when he gives you that nice rhythmic canter I think he really is gorgeous!

  4. I have never believed in the chiro but I am starting to think otherwise and even looked up a few numbers in my area...

    1. I've had way too many lameness issues completely cleared up by a chiro to discount them. I'll give a good one my money any day of the week.

  5. glad bobby's good juju is all aligned again. hashtag stunning rides are best rides

  6. It's the /good/ chiro bit I seem to struggle with... do you have a method for sussing out a quality one?

    1. Board at a giant boarding barn that's been in business forever. ;) both the chiros I've used now have been used at the barns for years. I don't know how they found them, but I love them!

  7. I love some good chiro work. Didn't believe in it till it worked for me and cleared up my horrible back pain. It definitely works for Fiction too.

  8. Carly you are making me question my skepticism about chiro work! Bobby looks AWESOME in that nice polite canter!

  9. gorgeous Bobby is gorgeous! Chiro is basically magic

  10. Glad you found a good chiro that got Bobby back into his usual #stunning self. ;)

  11. I'm going to be looking into a chiropractor this week.. I hope she can work such magic as Bobby received!

  12. It's crazy how much chiro work benefits the horse - glad to hear Bobby is on the mend and you had a good schooling!

  13. So glad the chiro got him popped back into place. I can relate to the ugly duckling turning into a swan. Love it!

  14. Must be the time of year for ponies to need a good cracking!

  15. Good chiro is worth the money. C likes to make sure mine always has plenty of money around the holidays.

    Because F you, bank account.


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