Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Blog Hops: Christmas List

Thanks to Alanna and Karley for blog hops that let everyone share all the useless horse shit we probably don't need but really, really want.

Most of my items are linked from SmartPak simply because I keep a running wish list there for whenever my mom wants to poke her head in. That pretty much happens....never, but of all the horse websites, she does know how to navigate that particular one.

"What do you want for Christmas?"
"Funny you should ask. LOOK AT ALL THESE THINGS I'VE PRESELECTED FOR YOU. You're welcome!"

So what are Bobby and I asking for this year (better known as this spring when I'll actually probably end up buying most of these)?

Custom helmet cover: My black cover that came with my helmet is getting pretty bleached out and gross, plus there's never a reason to not buy something more in purple. Probably should just buy a new helmet to go with it, too.

total saddle fit

Girths: I've never liked my dressage girth and my jumping girth is starting to look janky. Both probably need to be replaced with swanky Total Saddle Fit girths. Neither probably will.

rwr no knot hairnet

Hair net: A real grown up one that actually keeps my hair in place. I'm not ruling another hunter show or two out next year, but it's mostly for dressage.

lettia coolmax proseries dressage pad

Moar dressage pads: Ones with color! Preferably the purple color!

Moar breeches: Because I only have two pairs for schooling. Obviously that's a crime against breech-dom that needs to be rectified post haste.

tekna fancy stitched open front boots

Open front boots: Since Bobby killed the velcro on one of his by crashing into a cross country jump. Such a clever horse.

Sport boots: Since Bobby killed two of his by thrashing about for no reason.

tipperary eventer pro

Tipperary Eventer Pro Vest: Not going to happen this year or the next few years, but ooh they are so pretty and I covet them.

Electric for my truck: So that my trailer lights work on the daily. You know, little things like that.


  1. I do the same thing with an Amazon wish list. you know...just in case someone feels the need to buy me things.

    I love my Total Saddle Fit girth! Made a huge difference in not putting my saddle forward...

  2. I looked at the Total Saddle Fit girths and absolutely hated the leather :( But I like the concept.

  3. I love my Total Saddle Fit girth and my no knot hair net!

  4. I think you need all those things. But mostly the purple things.

  5. PM me and let me know what size girth Bobby uses and what size breeches you are. jen j at gmail dot com.

  6. Gee whiz. Your list is so... reasonable. I keep thinking about doing this, but my list would be extravagant and weird, so no one will buy me horse things anyways, so I might as well dream big.

  7. oooh i need that dressage pad in my life! also, fwiw, the regular knotted hairnets have always worked perfectly for me and are a fraction of the cost

  8. I'm obsessed with my purple coolmax AP pad, definitely a buy! Just be sure to wash it often with that light blue inside. I think my coolmax girth being blue again is basically a lost cause at this point ;)

  9. Excellent list! I have the TSF girth, RWR hairnets, and the Tekna boots. Hands down three of my favorite products of all time!!

  10. I have heard less than stellar things about the TSF girths, you may want to do some research. I have been very happy with my Tekna anatomical and Tekna pressure-ez girths.

  11. Two thumbs up to purple dressage pads!


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