Thursday, February 12, 2015

Suck it, winter

I totally beat the weather system and managed to get to the barn in the one hour window that it wasn't snowing. Plus it was 32* out which is downright toasty.

That's fucking winning.

i'm That Boarder--the one who's horse has to be catered to because he's so special.
at least bennie won't eat him. 

I set up a single vertical (2'6) at E, and a two stride X to oxer (2'9) or vice versa on the other side of the ring as our exercise for the day. I often lack creativity, what can I say. Also, that's why I'm always stealing your jumping exercises, blog world. No regrets.

As I was setting jumps, I was wondering if I was wasting my time. The snow was falling off the roof like a nonstop avalanche. The poor puppy was terrified we were all going to die, and while Bobby spooks at pretty much nothing (except parked horse trailers because whoa, so scary), this was a lot of fucking snow. But I brought him down anyway.

"the fuq is happening?!"

He was super impressed by the snow falling onto the roof over the trailers, but of course the mountains of snow falling next to him on the open side of the ring didn't even warrant an ear twitch. Whatever, Bobby. I got on and he went right to work without issue.

I didn't want to press my luck and see how long he'd tolerate the snow without reacting, so our warm up was really short. A quick w/t and then we picked up the canter, did one circle, and came right around to the vertical. Three strides out, a massive land slide fell off the trailer roof which was right in front of us, and Bobby and I both stared at it.

And then there was a fence in front of us. Whoops. So he stopped, but I circled him around and we jumped it twice without incident.

because there's no such thing as too many pictures of bobby with his ears up

Then we went right into the two stride with the X first. He felt like he was jumping over his shoulder over the oxer a bit, but he might have just been taking a peek at the flower box. We went through that twice, and then added on the vertical after it from the right. He didn't give me any issues after the stop, so I quit right there. It was maybe a fifteen minute ride max, but nobody died, so it's totally a win.

I did his feet and gave his bite marks their last doctoring they're going to get for a few days. So over winter. I'm ready to see the outdoor again.

annoying the barn cat. his fave activity.

If you guys have any more ideas for Bobby's future dress up days, let me know! I'll be posting the list tomorrow.


  1. I hate when snow melts and avalanches from the roof. Nancy doesn't mind it but Kika seriously looses her mind - there is no point in even contemplating working her under those circumstances.

    Ps: i ♡ Bobby's purple halter & leadrope. Need + grabby-hands

  2. haha that barn cat looks like he's had just about enough of curious horses lol. glad it was a solid school despite the snow crashing down around you!

  3. Snow sliding off the roof is the worst!

  4. Bobby is pretty brave, some of the horses at my barn completely lose their shit when snow slides off the roof!

  5. What a stud. Courage isn't generally spooky, but we had very little snow this year (sorry not sorry), so the few times we had sliding snow, he was on HIGH ALERT.

  6. Miles doesn't care about fighting raccoons in the arena walls or snow falling off the roof. But then again... he's the best. Haha

  7. Yeah I'm over winter too. And stupid snow falling off the roof.


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