Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Can do no wrong

Hubby and I said goodbye to January on Saturday by doing our once a winter skijoring with Robert. Unlike last winter, the snow this year was soft and fluffy and no Bobby legs were harmed in the process. Hubby was a bad sport and didn't want to hike the half a mile uphill to get to the top of the cross country field (I mean, who doesn't want to trudge that far in six inches of snow in ski boots?) so we went to the outdoor instead.

eating snow off the top of a rusty barrel.
that's my horse in a nutshell. 

Hubby made himself a track to follow as I got on and off Bobby about thirty times to adjust my clunky ass western stirrups in gloves as thick as my head. You could have been up and down that hill to the field about thirty times yourself by the time I got done with that, Hubby. Just saying.

Bobby got a brief warm up and then away we went. This year I looped the rope around my cantle instead of the horn, and it was a lot more comfortable--like, it wasn't digging a trench into my hip. So that's always a bonus.

too lazy to warm up his bit, so i just clipped reins on his halter.
zero fucks were given by all parties.

Bobby was his usual fabulous self, and after lots of circles and figure eights I gave him a break to walk around while Hubby ramped up snow off of some tires. They were not very impressive "jumps", but I tend to flail about excessively while cross country skiing in a straight line, so who am I to judge?

Hubby had the helmet cam on, so if you are exceptionally bored, you can listen to him blab for two and a half minutes and admire how beautifully my horse canters from behind.

Afterwards we tried to get some adorbs posing pictures with Bobby, but Bobby wasn't inclined to lift his ears (Is he ever?) even with candy bribery.

cookie in left pocket, horse checks right side.
to be fair, i usually alternate sides i feed him
and i'd been doling them out from the left the whole ride.
d'aww there it is.

On Sunday I met Sarah at the barn and took advantage of a bending line that was set up from the lesson before we got there. Bobby warmed up so fancily at all three gaits that I kept giddily yelling out to Sarah, "LOOK AT MY HORSE MY HORSE IS SO FANCY LOOK AT HIM!!!!" Fortunately she is a nice person and put up with me being really obnoxious. I also shoved my camera into her hand after we'd quietly cantered over the X by itself several times and told her she had a duty to the blog to get video evidence of my horse not charging jumps like an asshole.


The line was actually set for six quiet strides, but that spot for five looked good to me so I closed my leg and Bobby happily took it.


(And don't judge us because we talk about male strippers during our rides.)

I did the line once more before changing directions and coming to the X off a circle from the left. I saw the long, Bobby saw the add, and at the last second we both saw the Nope and had a stop. It's okay though! These things happen! No one get flustered; everybody stay calm!

I decided I was going to be ultra ballsy and just approach it all the way from the other end of the ring. That meant we canter almost the entire length of the long side towards a jump, aaaanddd.....I kept waiting for Bobby to take off for it, but I forced myself to stare a hole in the wall above the jump, actively keep my hands super low, just sit there, aaaanndddd......



Needless to say, he got all the cookies in the whole world, and we finished up our ride with a little more trotting and yelling at poor Sarah about HOW FANCY MY HORSE IS (!!!!!).

I'm going into the year with a totally new mindset. I'm going to repeat positive affirmations about how good my horse and I are at jumping, and it's just going to magically make us better in stadium. So far? Totally working.

We had grand plans to ride yesterday and today, but six fresh inches of snow and negative five thousand degree temps quickly scratched that. Sadly repeated positive affirmations do not make winter go away.


  1. Yay for Bobby! And that skijoring looks insanely fun.

  2. I think he's pretty damn sane to let your husband ski behind him like that! Super cool

  3. Bobby is so awesome! Skijoring looks like a lot of fun!

  4. GO BOBBY GO!!!! HE LOOKS AWESOME!! How do you tie the rope for skijoring? Last year I did mine around the saddle horn to and neither pony nor I were too pleased with it cutting into our sides. If there is a better way, i'd love to know!

    1. We use a roping rope, so I just put the end with the loop already in it over the cantle and it stayed on there from the pressure of someone at the other end.

    2. I use a length of climbing rope, so I could make my own loop. Thanks for the tip!!

  5. Woohoo Bobby! He's totally awesome. And skijoring looks amazing holy fun batman

  6. Bobby is the awesomest Bobby EVAR!

  7. skijoring might be the coolest thing ever.

  8. 1) You are awesome for skijoring off your horse
    2) If you figure out how to make winter go away using positive affirmations, please let me know

  9. That first picture shows how special Bobby is ;) he is great.

  10. Ahhhh I have always wanted to skijour!! It is on my to do list for "eventually". Maybe bobby has just been wanting to skijour all winter and now that you've done it he's like, "yeah ok I can jump again now"

  11. So excited for you and Bobby and no rushing, woot woot! Also you guys are totally bad ass for skijouring! I've also been working on 'positive thinking' in some different areas of my life and it has really started to make a difference in how I feel and act.

  12. I WANNA SKIJOUR SO BAD. Also glad you had such a great ride - this is actually my year of positive affirmations, and letting things happen and not blaming it on "poor luck".. I believe it does help.

  13. You guys are so cool, skijoring and all!

  14. hahaha this is so awesome - maybe the secret to your stadium success if randomly skijoring off of bobby intermittently through the year??? lol

  15. This is really really awesome!!!

  16. That's so insanely cool! (both the skijoring and the steady pace!)


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