Thursday, February 26, 2015

Good Horse, Bad Horse

I had a really fun dressage ride yesterday, and I probably should have blogged about it while it was still all in my head. Today's ride took away some of the luster.

I was all, "Wow, my horse is so cool and bendy and fancy!"

And halfway through today's ride, it was more like, "You're going to the Amish. I am so fucking serious this time. Amish, Bobby."


On Wednesday I ended up in the arena with BO and a couple other riders. I got Bobby warmed up and was happy to find that his relaxed back and soft canter had returned. After a little w/t/c both ways, BO had me get on her horse to see what it felt like to ride the half pass on a horse that already knew it.

Tyler is super sensitive to your aids, so I had to make sure I didn't get him at too steep an angle in the shoulder in before adding haunches in or he would just go jetting sideways across the arena cackling cruelly to himself. He's that kind of dude.

Even on a horse that is the very definition of a school master, I was still having a little bit of trouble getting it right. It's like two sets of aids at once, which sounds simple, only you have to keep doing all the other basics at the same time.

Like breathe.

And think.

So hard.

it amuses me to call out to bobby and make him give me this face-every. time.

But that might just be me.

I eventually got it enough to pass BO's standards for a mentally challenged beginner (it was not perhaps the prettiest half pass...) and got back on Bobby. BO then proceeded to continuously throw out fun lateral exercises for Bobby and I, and we were lefting and righting all over the place, dudes. My horse has his moments. They are few and very far between, but he's kind of a bad ass.

We ended with some trot lengthenings that BO tried to convert to some legit extensions. I thought that half pass was hard. The half pass is more mentally challenging. Extended trot pretty much just made my abs bleed. That's a true story.

Well, maybe not. But still hard.

We quit with that, and I heaped the praise on Bobby. He was a total fucking rock star. But his work wasn't done. I don't even remember how it came about, but I offered S a quick spin on Bobby. It was only her second time ever sitting in an english saddle, and she asked Bobby to trot off with a nice western pleasure horse loop in her reins. Bobby was all, "LOLZ, byeeee!" and proceeded to show off his new extended trot to someone who was perhaps not quite as appreciative of it as I was.

Fortunately he did (eventually) deign to stop and came marching right over to me to get a cookie. Cheeky bastard.

"what is happening up there?"

I had gotten on BO's horse one more time while S was trying to figure out what length she wanted my stirrups at. BO had us doing flying changes down the center line which was fun, but would probably be more fun on a horse that didn't buck into his changes with quite so much enthusiasm. Aaaand...I snuck in one last attempt at a half pass and totally nailed that shit. Buh bam. I'm a bad ass, too.

On a fully trained horse that put up with my bullshit for once. But still.


Today was not quite as successful. I had several moments of, "Ooooooh, I just want to beat your ass, but I'm not even going to call you bad words because I know you'll just lose your shit, and then I'll lose my shit, and then all of our shit is lost."

Instead I put him on the longe and we did most of our work on the ground. When I finally got back on, he gave me some great stretchy trot until he got bored tired and decided flailing around with his head in the clouds was more fun.

always napping.

I almost got off then to send him down the road to the lovely Amish family put him back on the longe, but instead I asked for the canter in hopes of an intentionally forward pace chilling him the fuck out.

That seemed to work, so I ended with a little bit of fun with flying changes. Tracking right, I had him switch over to the counter canter which he did pretty much flawlessly. We did two laps of counter canter before I decided to see if he could switch back over. Bobby was all, "WHAT ARE YOU ASKING SO CONFUSED WHAT THE FUCK WHAT."

I eventually had to chase him into it which involved head flinging and jetting off afterwards, but it was a clean back to front change. I gave him some candy and let him be done there.

On Sunday we're going to look at a trailer with a dressing room. So excited. 


  1. Bobby is hilarious. I think you just have to roll with it!

  2. Lol at least if e goes to the Amish he already knows how to drive? Exciting about the trailer - good luck!!

    1. Lololol emma! I just snorted water reading that.

  3. Trailer?!?! I am green with ENVY. Bobby is such a funny guy!

  4. I just love your play-by-play ride recaps! They are the best. AND OMG TRAILER WITH A DRESSING ROOM SUCH LUXURY!!!

  5. Loled so much reading this, and yay trailer!

  6. Love that first photo of Bobby. He's looking at you like "If you want to send me to the Amish you will have to catch me first!"

  7. Oh Bobby. You're such a special boy.

  8. Ya'll are dancing divas - Bobby being the diva'est obvs.
    Happy trailer shopping ☺☺☺☺


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