Monday, March 2, 2015

February Review, March Goals

February Review:

1. Celebrate the fact that January is over. I can't even cross this one off because my celebration lasted approximately one day before it got even colder and we got even more snow than January. That was a cruel joke, winter.

2. But also stay positive and keep Bobby happy. Yes! Armed with pockets full of candy, I did a lot of bribing of the pony this month. I also made sure I overdid the praise, and as a result Bobby has been pretty fucking happy doing his job. He even jumps like a normal horse now!

when you have no one there to pose your horse, you have to count on mares
for pricked ears, your horse's ground tying ability, and a bossy pig dog. 

March Goals:

1. Trail ride. We need to get out of the indoor. Even if it's just a walk ride through a field once a week. Of course this is dependent on the snow not being covered with a crust of ice.

2. Back to 3'-3'6". Dependent on the outdoor thawing enough to jump in.

3. The trot to canter transitions in Training A and B. Something we can do in the indoor! Yay?

4. Pick out hunter shows. Because our stupid H/J association doesn't post their shows until March. Way to just be untimely in everything you do, hunter world.

Basically I'm relying on winter leaving. So I might be setting myself up to fail this month.


  1. Bobby is looking great! My dog is the opposite of helpful with the horses, she loves chasing them but usually runs them towards me...which is wonderful.

  2. It's March. March means spring. Therefore this month MUST be better for you. It's happening, I promise!

  3. I remember that I rejoiced as well about january ending, but then February...happened. -_- cruel joke indeed.


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