Tuesday, January 27, 2015

TOABH: Worth A Thousand Words

Yay, Beka's Blog Hops! In keeping with my "You will not bring me down anymore than you already have, fucking January" mental mindset, I'm going to take this one seriously and actually post some nice pictures of Bobby.

Yes, that's right. They do exist. Prepare to be blown away.

robert one month after i officially signed his bill of sale

my all time favorite picture of him. one day i'm going to get this made into a paper cut

hunting for jumps and looking too cute doing it

when not throwing tantrums, he's a super dressage pony

and even when throwing tantrums, he has his moments of looking fancy

proof we can be friends

and proof that we can like each other

and finally, proof that bobby can look like a fit and shiny tank of an event horse.


  1. I must admit, I was all prepared to see goofy Robert photos. He sure is a handsome, quirky dude.

  2. I love all of these! Although I'll admit that I LOL'd at the second one, with the caption "one day I'm going to get this made into a paper cut." I assume you meant cut-out? I doubt that you want to slice your hand on a Bobby picture :P

    1. No, Paper Cuts are these fancy things a fellow blogger makes out of ten zillion tiny pieces of paper. I have one of Red and it's the coolest thing ever. I need to get one of Bobby made, too, but spending money immortalizing him is low on my list. ;)

  3. I was also expecting goofy Bobby...love fancy handsome Bobby too!

  4. I still stand by the idea that Bobby is indeed a handsome horse :)

  5. Awww you DO like each other! I just love your wonderful relationship!

  6. He just has to learn to work the (photo) angles. ;-)

  7. Bobby is such a stud-muffin <3 (I like when you post photos of him looking like a hippo x llama though... positivity be damned!)

  8. Aww these are wonderful. #2 pic is my favorite as well.

  9. so nice - he's such a handsome guy (when he feels like it lol)

  10. See he's more than just king of the derps he's a handsome fella!


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