Wednesday, January 21, 2015

SMTT Equestrian Scavenger Hunt

I might have taken some liberties with Lauren's idea for an Equestrian Scavenger Hunt, but I feel like I tied my pictures in about as well as some Google search results could. So enjoy the PWS version...and by that I mean be jealous of how photogenic my most majestic of horses is. 

1. The most magical Fresians of all the Fresians.

dark bay coat, long flowing locks, and that patented fresian uphill neck.
totally magical.

2. A 10+ jumper.

10+? more like 100+.

3. A horse we can all call Shenanigans! on

horse jumps coop four times without issue.
fifth time acts like coop is horse-eating monster. 

4. The (best) worst clip job you’ve ever seen
i call this the "nobody panic. my clipper blades are in the mail."
partially finished, fully horrifying body clip.

5. The cutest miniature horse on the planet
robert shows off his bow. barefoot transitioning buddy
joey shows how impressed he is.

6. Bitchiest. Mare. Ever.
that grey ottb mare looking all sweet and innocent is actually satan to geldings.
and bobby is madly in love with her.

7. Funniest horse meme/cartoon
we prefer to just copy other people's genius. 

8. The most matchy McMatcherson outfit
all eventers win at matchy mcmatcherson outfits

9. A most saintly creature
"will work do anything for cookies."

10. The Black Stallion Returns… 2015 style
i feel like majestic horizon posing is just as much a part of the black stallion brand
as rearing. and bobby doesn't rear. it interferes with how fast he can fly backwards. 


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