Thursday, January 29, 2015


I took a bunch of pictures yesterday of my horse hanging out with other horses at their water trough right after they'd been turned out. I was going to share them as a lazy as hell Wordless Wednesday photo post, and be all "Look! My horse has friends!" because that doesn't ever really happen.

sharing with a friend!

But then I got to the barn today, did the most half-assed grooming ever that basically just involved picking out Bobby's feet and picking up my brush but not actually using it (he's body clipped and heavily blanketed--who needs brushing?), and quickly tacked up in a jump saddle and bridle--no breastplate or neck strap.

So I was surprised when I went to give him a pat on the neck just before getting on and saw this:


I poked it and fussed with it for awhile without any reaction from Bobby, so I decided to carry on with my ride. It was fucking cold out first thing this morning, so I was already planning on keeping things super short anyway.

We've done two dressage schools this week, both of which Bobby was really good for. I've set out to be extra positive and rewarding in every ride--like over the top obnoxious in praise. I don't want my horse to hate me. Because that's a real thing with this dude, and he is easy to anger. But good vibes and all that, right? Keep Bobby's ego stoked, and keep me from going slowly insane.

more friends!

Eventually we did have to get back to over fences work though. In an attempt to stop a flail attack before it even happened, all I set up was a single 2'6" vertical with generous ground lines. I made the approach a little shorter from the left--Bobby's good direction-- and did the quickest warm up ever before turning in for the jump.

I told myself to lower my hands and lean back in an active attempt to not fuel Bobby's head in the air silliness which also pulls me forward into the fetal position and then we're all just pissed and potentially dying. Aaaannddd.....he was a total fucking rock star! He didn't change his rhythm a beat and jumped it totally calmly.


I circled him once to make sure our canter was still where I wanted it and came around again. Aaaannddd.....same thing!!! I brought him to a halt at the end of the ring, immediately got off, and shoved three cookies down his throat while giving him lots of pats and head scratches.

Two balanced and sane jumps over a not-inches-off-the-ground fence? We're definitely calling that a win at this point.

I treated his bite with a hot compress and slathered some Handy Salve on it afterwards. I've never used the stuff before (I got it from Stephanie in her awesome birthday giveaway package), but it says anti-inflammatory and antiseptic right on it, and it was the only thing in my first aid box that wasn't frozen, so we'll see if it helps at all.

usually alex is all grouchy faces and no bite, but i'm blaming him for the chomp mark.
and also that bobby is the biggest loser in a herd of horses.


  1. I was cheering for you as I read about your jump school! AMAZING!! :D :D :D

  2. Hope the salve works like awesome saucesome and yay for good rides!

  3. Ekk someone needs to tell Bobby that's not a love bite.

  4. That was a quite a chomp!
    So happy to hear about your jump school :)

  5. yay for the solid jumping efforts!!!!

  6. Yay bobby!!! Way to go! Hope the chomp mark clears up fast


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