Monday, January 5, 2015


Yay, Beka, providing another blog hop so I don't have to go back to regular blogging just yet. 

What is your horse's absolute favorite thing?  Outside of riding!  Are there treats that instantly convert your pony into an addict or liniments that leave him yawning and chewing?  What does your horse just love to have?

Bobby is a dude that lets you know very clearly when he likes something and when he doesn't. 

Cross country? Yes. 

Being told not to barrel at a stadium fence? No. 


Nature's Valley granola bars? Fuck off.

But there is one thing in his life that he loves more than all other things, and that is naps.

bro loves a nap.

Bobby is kind of a napping celebrity in the barn. I have never, ever run into a horse that loves to sleep more than him.  

being bribed with treats and stalked with by a kelpie dog do nothing to raise the beast.

I think it's become a right of passage for new people in the barn to experience Bobby in slumbering bliss, and it almost always involves a frantic phone call to BO. When Bobby sleeps, he is fucking committed. He lays flat out and snores--and I don't mean a little heavy, deep breathing. This snore sounds like someone is smothering a fucking bear, and hot damn is that bear angry.

So obviously concerned barn-goers rush to his stall and call his name. They get no response, so the more bold will continue on into his stall and go to his side. They poke him. They prod him. They get increasingly worried when he doesn't respond. They give him a shake. Sometimes, at this point, he'll roll upwards and face plant into the shavings. Usually there's a mouthful of hay hanging out of the side of his mouth.

sooo sleeeepy. 

At this point, the person is usually convinced Bobby is either dying, or at the very least colicking. They call the BO to report that one of the horses is making horrible fucking noises and won't get up for anything

"Which horse is it?" BO always asks calmly. 


"Oh, he's sleeping. Just ignore him."

And then BO tells me about it the next time she sees me, and we have a giggle....because this is almost an once a month occurrence. In fact, it happened just last Friday. 

interrupted in the middle of building himself a hay pillow. 

Bobby's sleeping habits and impeccable ground manners make it hard for people at the barn to believe that he ever gets hot or is difficult to ride. But let's be honest. This is the most well rested horse on the planet. He has all sorts of energy to be naughty under saddle when he does nothing else but lay around all day. 


  1. Robert is the best at napping....and at causing a sheer panic at your barn.

  2. Bahaha! Just the other day I explained to someone that horses make horrible bear-smothering noises when they sleep flat out, and that, no, they are not dying.

  3. Omg I love the napping shots. So great!

  4. I would be totally fine if your blog was nothing but pictures of Bobby napping. Totally fine.

    1. Which isn't to say something bad about the non-napping pictures content, just that napping pictures are my favorite.

  5. Omg so funny! Such a clever beastie to conserve his energy for under saddle time.

  6. Hahahaha... "most well-rested horse on the planet". Obv!

  7. Maybe he needs one of those big dog beds to rest his precious head on? Awe.

  8. Hahahhaha, we have a horse at our barn who is super mellow..... one time i saw him splayed out on his side, and when I called to him he ignored me.....i went closer and saw that he was completely soaked and was ignoring me talking to him and when i poked him he looked at me but didn't react much.... of course i immediately went running through the barn and trying to reach his owner.....turns out she had been out about an hour before and hosed him off and he was just enjoying the sun!!! hahahahha

  9. This was amazing!! Bobby definitely wins at naps and tricking new barn goers.

  10. Bobby is a legend - nuff said

  11. I wish I slept that well or that often. I second the vote to get him a big dog bed. And then I want photos of him trying to curl up on it.

  12. That explains why my horse also has great ground manners and saves antics for under-saddle work. The naps! He also loved to snooze.


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