Wednesday, July 2, 2014

VCBH: Interested Parties

What made you interested in your current horse that lead you to buying them in the first place?

because he is the most talented jumper ever.

I'll be perfectly honest: I don't think I was even genuinely that interested in Bobby when I bought him. 

I wasn't waiting in anticipation for the call to come in that he was done racing. I didn't have visions of grandeur for the dude. I had land and money to spend, and I had a long history with the horse. So I contacted my old adviser/head of my college's TB program when Bobby was first retired and offered him what I thought was a pretty hefty price for a fresh OTTB with zero retraining. 


because of his exceptionally willing attitude.

I don't like sharing is why. I didn't want to hear all about how so-and-so had a lesson on him, and so-and-so jumped him for the first time, and so-and-so just loves him. Well, good for you, so-and-so. I was the first one to sit on him. I broke him out. I sent him to the track prepared to be a racehorse.

Mine, mine, mine!

because he never uses his size or strength to pull you around.

But I was turned down on my first offer, and Bobby went on to spend a year hanging out at college kind of, sort of being ridden by people that kind of, sort of, not really knew what they were doing before eventually being put on the black list for not being able to stay sound. He was due to be sent to auction when one of my former classmates texted me a head's up, and I bought him for way less than half of my original offer.

So why this time?

because his dressage skills are unparalleled. 

Pretty much the same reason as before: I had the land and money, and I wanted to parade it in front of all the obnoxious horse girls that had fawned over him in college that I was the one that ended up with him. Look, my maturity is through the roof. It can't be helped.

When I finally moved barns for the final time so far, I could only afford board on one horse. Red was obviously staying, so Bobby got re-homed with an amazing woman down in York. When I had to put Red down, she contacted me and offered him back no strings attached. I could have gone a different direction and started fresh with a new horse. But something seemed right about trying one more time with ole Bobby Magee, and we went and picked him up that weekend.

because he never throws childish tantrums for no reason.

And now somehow I think I'm just stuck with him.

because he's the most beauteous creature in existence


  1. I LOVE all of those pictures! I think the stars were aligned and there was no way you weren't meant to end up with Bobby. He is quite a talented creature, if I do say so myself :) and hey, we're all mature in our own ways, right? Haha

  2. Aww, you and Bobby are a good team!

  3. I love the Bobby story! Meant to be!

  4. So many giggles from those pictures.

  5. Some things were just meant to be. :)

  6. The captions were hilarious!

  7. You guys are great together, your captions prove it :)

  8. Clearly he captured your heart from the first, otherwise you wouldn't have cared about what so-and-so was doing with him. You guys are such a wonderful couple.

  9. Aw, Bobby loves you! I love your reason for wanting him - I'm the same way.

  10. Oh I love you and Bobby. He is such a handsome devil.

  11. Those captions were cracking me up!

  12. Lol I totally get your reasoning, I really really do. And of course you made a simple blog hop snortingly funnyass usual.

  13. Haha like others have said, omg those captions! I was on the train coming into work this morning when I read your post and I'm pretty sure the people next to me thought I was crazy - I was really trying not to laugh so hard, I swear


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