Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Um, A Title.

After getting the weekend off, I didn't have a firm plan to get out and ride Robert Monday. I spent a lot of time digging through closets trying to locate all our camping shit, and then making lists for even more shit we need to buy. I won't lie; I do love me a list, and I love buying things, so it wasn't all bad.

However, S asked if I wanted to ride with her that evening, and since I can only make so many lists I was in. S was already there and tacked up when I pulled in, and since Bobby was outside BM took my tack and I up with the ATV. I got Bobby ready in the outdoor and jumped on.

amish ponies bobby gets threatened to be sent to live with when he's naughty 

The footing wasn't great--it gets rained on, ridden on, and then it bakes in the sun without getting dragged and turns into cement. Bobby was fine at the walk, but had some objections at the trot. He wasn't lame, but definitely not pleased with having to work over it.

We proceeded to have multiple discussions about what was the appropriate response to moving off my leg, how he could probably uncurl his head from his chest at the walk no matter what the footing is like, and by the way circles can be round.

S is fortunately used to Bobby tantrums and didn't hold it against us when he went flying sideways directly in front of her path. She even complimented Bobby on his lovely piaffe. I was all, "Yeah. Thanks. Totally was going for that." He finally gave in and just went around in a quiet trot, which was all I wanted.

bobby's idea of being crosstied. 

I was thoroughly unsatisfied with last night's ride, so I was determined to make it up to both myself and RuPaul today. To start with, I gave him a monster grooming and fed him half a bag of peppermints. I even took his ridiculous(ly cute) forelock braid out and trimmed his bridle path and muzzle.

Warm up w/t and canter to the left was fine, but cantering to the right was a bit like driving a race car. One with no brakes. And not really any steering. And also it was thinking about throwing a temper tantrum.

It was a very naughty race car.

We worked through it and moved onto some lateral work. Still with the stupid crooked and yet somehow simultaneously stuck like a board leg yields from quarter line to wall tracking left. To the right? Fine. Left? Fucking awful.

Determined not to get frustrated, I worked through the leg yield parts of 1-2. Lengthen across the diagonal, down the long side in a trot, half circle, and leg yield. Well of course he just magically got better doing it that way. I was all, "....whatever. You and your stupid leg yields can suck it. I'll take the correct work, tool bag."

not a naughty bone in his body

In an effort to quickly wrap this up since I have no more pictures:

  • Stretchy trot was pretty good to the left, sometimes good to the right. To the right it was sometimes terrifyingly not stretchy at all. 
  • After stretchy trot hits and misses, his collected trot work was mind blowing. Man, this horse can be so legit fancy every so often. 
  • Same with the canter. We only went left, but it was fab.
  • The work on keeping him straight is paying off. The trot is miles better, and the canter is getting there.
He gets tomorrow off because it's going to be too hot, and I'm still undecided about Thursday. He's coming up on a moderately long break this weekend so I might just add another day on. Then it's time to get geared back up for eventing at the end of August!


  1. RuPaul.

    I think that's the best nickname yet :)

  2. Keep on truckin'! And Bobby, be kinda to your mom!

  3. I laughed out loud at the naughty race car bit! That's exactly what Jazz felt like on our semi-cemented outdoor arena today too

  4. In the words of Steven Colbert...You piaffe'd it!


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