Thursday, July 17, 2014

Return to Fancy Prancing

The western gear came home with me Tuesday night, had a good scrubbing yesterday, and then got hung back up in the house. And by that I mean I chucked it on a saw horse in a semi-organized pile in the garage and gave it a jaunty little "See ya, bitches!" wave over my shoulder as I slammed the door on it. Because I'm just the sort of person that gives jaunty little waves. Bitches.

Not to say it won't make a reappearance at some point this year, but now I've got to focus on finding all our camping shit. Next weekend is our camping "vacation", and guess what, dudes. I somehow miraculously managed to stall making reservations for so long that we're now having to camp at a whole different state park than Hubby's family. Oh no!



But anyway, I put Bobby in his dressage outfit today and went for a prance. He. Was. Fabulous.

I set up the ride so he was doing short bursts of super correct work, and then he got big praise and a long walk break before the next set. He seemed to really click with it, and when he was actually working he could do no wrong. Well, almost. He is Bobby.

We ran into an issue with the left leg yield. He wants to lead with his haunches too much--something the judge at our last dressage show called us out on--and while opening my inside rein more to allow his front end some freedom instantly helped out to the right, he took advantage to the left and basically just fell over like a fucking idiot. And also sped up. Because when in doubt, go faster.

I got it sort of cleared up at the walk, but decided since he was being so good with everything else to leave it for another day. That trot though? Oh, dayum. It got me all hot and bothered. His canter was right up there, too, and then BM came down for a minute to watch him and he showed off how well he can actually lengthen when his shoulders aren't dragging on the ground.

basically what we looked like. pretty much the only difference is horse color.
i mean, we probably looked better.

For what a mind blowingly awesome ride it was when I picked up my reins, Bobby was doing his own thing at the walk. There were power guys checking the lines outside the barn and using the driveway to turn their trucks around. You guys know that nothing distracts Bobby more than moving vehicles, and since the top of the side of the indoor by the road is open, he could see the flag guy from certain spots (The road being on a hill, and the indoor being in a hollow.).

He was all, "Haiiii!!!!! Look in here!!! I'm a horse! No, I'm a llama! No, I'M A FUCKING UNICORN!"

And I'd be all, "Bobby, can you not walk on a loose rein and chill the fuck out?"

And he'd be all, "Now I'm going to spook at someone closing their door! LOLZ, UNICORN."

At which point I usually gave up on the walking and went back to work for another round.

I'm headed to Penn National with campers in a bit for a night at the races, and then tomorrow we're going up to the cross country field for a low level frolic. Expect helmet cam! Also expect me to forget the helmet cam at home, so maybe no helmet cam at all!


  1. I feel like you could have thrown at least 3-4 more "bitches" in the post to make it totally legit. But you get bonus points for "fucking unicorn".

  2. Ditto the above. Your posts always crack me up.

  3. oh Bobby, ever entertaining.

  4. I was literally laughing out loud while reading this entire post! :)
    And I totes agree with 900facebookpony's comments.

  5. Brilliant plan with the inlaws. I'm impressed.

  6. Totally ♥♥♥ your horse. Been meaning to tell you that but blogger's eating my comment lately.

    Also - A+++ for dealing so handy with the in-law sitch - wait for it - bitch. ;D

  7. "Ooops" ;] Hooray for fancy unicorn Bobby

  8. Love it.

    I wish I had your cojones for dealing with in-laws.

    Bobby IS a unicorn. Just saying.

  9. So much LOLing at the high horse pic!


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