Thursday, June 26, 2014

Well that got weird

I guess my subconscious has been more concerned about Lumpy Bobby than it was letting on.

Last night I had a dream that I was taking care of the lumps on Bobby's shoulder, only the lumps were pouring pus and blood. There was a pair of Asian exchange students at the barn--because why not--and they were standing by watching me clean the wounds. Apparently they were very interested in the process because they'd learned all they could from the video games they played about first aid, and now they got to see it put to use in person.

The open sores on Bobby's shoulder were actually more like giant lacerations in my dream, and they were really not looking great. However, that was the least of my concerns as half his body was missing!

Yeah. That's right. Bobby ended at his shoulder.

When I noticed this affliction, I immediately called BM over and she was like, "You know that when he gets reconnected he'll probably never be completely comfortable. Plus he's going to have issues with his breathing and dressage work." Which made me panic....

....and then wake up.

What. The. Fuck.

 Back in the land of reality, Bobby was almost back to normal yesterday.

still a little fluid, but no heat and no gross drainage

the right leg still has some fluid as well, but the left looks good.

Now that the majority of the fluid is gone, you can see each individual bite lump. His legs are covered in them, and it's no wonder they blew up like they did. I still don't know how he's the only horse in the barn of 25 that ended up like this. One horse was at the same show as us earlier Saturday morning, and half a dozen were at the same place for a hunter show on Sunday. He goes out at night with four other geldings in a pasture where five geldings go during the day. No one else got a single lump!

Yesterday I stuck him on the longe for a few minutes mostly just for something to do, and he went around looking completely comfortable. He's done with his Dex today so by tomorrow he'll probably still be a little lumpy, but at least he won't be swollen.

In summation, leave me the fuck alone, crazy ass bitch brain. My horse is not, you know, splitting in half.

also, the world's stupidest fawn was having a frolic in the parking lot yesterday.


  1. Aww, I'm glad that Bobs is feeling better! And dreams are the weirdest things sometimes, aren't they?

  2. What a weird dream, your brain is out of control. Also I love the world's stupidest fawn. Natural selection is coming for you!

    1. I have witnessed the world's stupidest fawn try to run away when it saw me walk by the pasture it usually inhabits and collide face first into the side of a horse. I'm really not sure how it's still alive.

  3. When Sadie was still in utero I had a dream that the mare gave birth to twin boys. Like humans. Blonde haired, blue eyed 5yo boys complete with overalls. Weirdest dream ever bar none and it still freaks me out!

  4. That is one crazy dream. So weird the random details we remember from dreams.

  5. omg..I have weird dreams like that all the time when Im worried about my horses..they are awful!

  6. 0.o I try not to remember dreams. They belong in dream land. freaky.

  7. Sheesh that sounds like a pregnancy dream, they are weird! lol

  8. I have never had a weird horse far as I can remember. I dream about riding Apollo instead of driving a car a lot. But it's not that weird and isn't scary like a 1/2horse!

  9. Oh stress dreams. They are the best (worst?).

  10. I hate it when I have dreams like that!

  11. Damn horse stressed caused dreams. Why do they have to be so fucked up? Seriously, the subconscious should just not screw with our horses.

  12. Im not the only one who has crazy horse dreams? Sometimes I am riding my horse and it turns into a small animal (dog or rabbit) and I am like "Well fuck this horse is too small, they can't carry me what was I thinking" and I wake up sad that I'm too big ot ride my horses.


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