Wednesday, June 18, 2014

EiC: Mid Year Photo Challenge

Another photo challenge from Sarah at Eventing in Color!

1. A between-the-ears shot:

can't beat the view!

2. Anything blooming at your barn:

everything that was blooming was killed by either intense heat or intense rain.
these are plastic blooms. close enough.
3. A picture of your horse taken at a weird/random/artistic angle:

awkward horse is awkward.

4. The most attractive horse at your barn other than yours:

blackberry, still looking fine at 23.
(also, he really is dreamy. i just snapped this since he was in for the farrier.)

5. Bath time photo:

awkward horse is really awkward.
6. A sweet picture of you and your horse:

um...bobby and i don't really do "sweet".
here's us warming up at plantation and not killing each other. that's as friendly as we get.


  1. No cuddle pics of you and Bobby? ;)

  2. I like the bath pic.

  3. I'm going to try to take pictures for this this week! Love your awkward horse :)

  4. Love the awkward horse picture! :)

  5. =D Thanks for doing the challenge!!


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