Friday, June 6, 2014

RtR Blog Hop: Very Superstitious

A great blog hop from Racing to Ride on exposing how horse people are even bigger nutters than the rest of the world already thought we were!

if every upturned horse shoe was lucky, bobby would have had
the best. year. ever. last year. he left a trail of shoes behind him!

What superstitions do you have when it comes to your horses, riding, and/or showing? Do you have any good luck items/charms? 

Like Jodi, I second the name change superstition. I've only ever owned OTTBs, and none of them have had truly awful names so this hasn't been hard to do. That said, Bobby's Jockey Club name is not the same as his USEA name. He's JC registered as Mightybobbymagee in an ode to his sire Mighty Magee. His show name is shortened to simply Bobby Magee as he was intended to be named until our Thoroughbred boss at school added the "Mighty" to...try to suss up business for our old, bat shit crazy stallion when Bobby went to the Derby? That's as far as I'll ever take name changes though. 

the face of a future champion?

I'm not big on changing barn names either, and it makes me a little squirrely when girls at the barn assign names to new horses that come in. (S)he has a name! (S)he doesn't need your stupid one! The one (s)he has is stupid enough already! >twitch<

As far as good luck items, I don't really know if I'd consider them good luck, but they go with me in my show box to every show. One is a thinly braided bracelet of Red's tail hair because, well, Red Pony. He was the best. I know he's always there cheering Bobby on when things start going south. There was nothing Red Pony loved more than a good tantrum. 

The other is a pair of bandage pins. They just hang out at the bottom of my box, doing nothing but very slowly rusting. And there they will remain for eternity, and it's one of those weird things I won't even begin to explain.

bandage pins, tail hair, one seriously stained collar that can probably be tossed,
bell boots that i no longer need, pinny holder, and a lot of hay. someone should
clean this filthy thing out.

That's about it for superstitions. I do have a couple of random habits/routines like pushing down my helmet before I leave the start box. The more times I do it, the more nervous I am. I'm not sure I think that accomplishes, but there you go.


  1. I have absolutely zero superstitions/good luck charms. I guess if I had to say something, it would be that I -must- sleep with my dogs before a big event. I never get good sleep anyways, but when the dogs aren't there it is even worse :(

    Never heard the one about changing names. Fiction has a horrible JC name, and had a horrible barn name (Charlie) so I changed his call name/show name to Fiction. Nothing fancy, but it suits him better than Charlie!

  2. I've heard the name change one as well and went back and forth many times on changing Loki's name. I did it in the end, though. We'll see if it turns into bad luck but so far we are doing okay. Other than that I have a bracelet that is becoming a good luck charm. It has Loki's and Ghazal's names on it and I pretty much never leave home without it.

  3. Typical thoroughbred people, adding onto a name. Apparently, longer is better because it's so fun to torture the track announcers. Thank you for doing the blog hop!

  4. I'm firmly in the "don't change their barn name" camp, and have never been hot on changing their show names from their registered names. But Gina... Well, when your JC name is Kimberly K, I kind of understand why someone registered you with the USEF as Imagine That.

  5. I changed every single one of my horses barn names, I just can't live with bad names lol

  6. I don't really think I have any good luck charms/superstitions either. I've changed the names of most of my horses without a second thought. But with names like Jerry, Dex, Maynard, Slim, C4, Snug.... there's just no way I could look them in the eye and call them that.

  7. I HAD to change my horses barn name when I got him.. it just did not fit him at all (& frankly, was pretty awful for a horse anyway!) Not to mention that I know a few men with the name.. & its fine for men, but for a horse?? no.
    His barn name was... Ken. As in, Ken & Barbie. Ugh.

    I changed it to Finn. I figured that still sounded close enough to not confuse him too much! :)

  8. I love, love, love most jockey club names... for instance, my fellow barn mate has a horse whose JC name is Yardsale on Wheels... but Riley's was Women No Easy and that just did not suit!

  9. I'm right there with you on the name change thing... hence why I have a horse named Simon.

  10. I was firmly in the no name change camp.... that is until I bought my big chestnut colt. his name was Red.

    He's now Titan

  11. Lol, so I used to work with rent string, some we knew from previous summer, otherwise they all got new, generic names so I;m kinda used to it.

    I wouldn't change a barn name unless its really bad, lucky for me Holly is a cute enough barn name, but I don't really dig her AQHA name, and really really want to change it when I show her, but then feel kinda bad.... Its like a big stupid complex thing for me...


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