Sunday, June 1, 2014

May Review, June Goals

May goals recap:

1. Don't ride differently at shows than at home. With the stipulation that I could ride differently if it was for the better, this is an easy one to cross off. I rode cross country better than what I school over our little jumps at home, and I stayed focused in the dressage. Stadium? Well, that's not very good at shows or at home.

2. Improve the sitting trot. Much better. Still need to work on my own fitness to go for longer periods of time, but I no longer feel like I'm a swinging, bouncing moron. The new dressage saddle was a massive help.

3. Plan June shows. Plantation on the 8th, another dressage show on the 21st. Just a reminder that all scheduled shows and show recaps can be found on the sidebar to your right.

4. Drive the truck and trailer myself. Like. A. Boss.

so fit and shiny.

June goals:

1. Push for a more active, engaged trot and canter during tests. I've gotten at least one "flat" or "quiet" (and not in a good way) comment on every single one of my dressage tests so far this year. I know Bobby's capable of adding some "bounce per ounce" as Sally O'Connor would say, but I let him get away with being a slug in tests because I'm so happy he's not throwing a temper tantrum. 

2. Be aggressive with leg yields. Also on the "don't incite a Bobby riot" train, I'll get one or two straight, correct leg yields out of Bobby and quit. Then I get to a show and he magically forgets how to do them. I know he can score well on these if I force us both to ride them for real. 

3. Be more present when jumping. Last event for awhile in a week, and I'd like to not put in a stadium round where I'm not sure we're going to stay in the arena. I just have to force myself to move on from one jump to the next, and make instant fixes. So. Hard. Sooooooo hardddddddddddddd.

4. Buy things!! Ha, who doesn't love putting that on a goal list? I need new tall boots, and my birthday is the second of this month. 


  1. Hey, we're birthday twins! And I just got myself some early-birthday tall boots to prepare for my first shows this summer! Just recently discovered your blog, and couldn't help commenting. :) Happy almost birthday!

  2. Buy things is an awesome goal! Wish I could put that on my list :) Bobby is looking great right now!

  3. It's great that you reached all of yoyr May goals! Buying things as a goal is definitely okay. I hope you have a happy Birthday!

  4. Which would be today HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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