Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mightybobbymagee: The Racehorse. Part I

Since I'm out of state and Bobby is on another week-long vacation, I thought I'd take the opportunity to share with you all the "wonderful" year that my floppy-eared Thoroughbred made a fool out of himself on the New York racing circuit.

For those that have followed the blog for awhile, last year I did a "Bobby: The Lifetime Movie" post explaining our history together. The long and short of it is: Bobby was produced by the college I attended to be one of our racehorses. He was an absolute monster once he got to Finger Lakes to go into work with our trainer, and he was sold before we ever raced him ourselves. Look for the neck strap in his first couple of races. If I remember correctly, rearing was his favorite trick back then.

bobby on the left with his trainer. my old co-worker on the right on spa princess.
at saratoga, september 2008.

Bobby's first race was at Aqueduct 11/23/08 where he finished fourth. 

He raced in yellow and maroon silks, and he's always easy to find right out of the gate because he was awful at breaking.

It was actually a really good finish for Bobby, especially for his first race. He broke slow, trailed the field, and then snuck right up the inside along the rail to rally. He just didn't have enough to catch the pack of three in front of him. 

breezing at saratoga. note the blinkers, houghton bit, and dressage whip.
steering and control were not bobby's strong points.

His second race was a month later. He raced at Aqueduct his entire career, except in his final start.

He broke on the far outside in this race and was ridden right along to get into better contention. It either didn't pay off or it backfired, as Bobby never fired and came home in seventh out of a field of ten. 

He was back at it three weeks later with a new jockey. 

Once again, he broke poorly and ended up starting behind everyone else. He was ridden hard into the stretch where he lugged in to the rail, and while there was no chance of catching the winner, he managed to get into the thick of things to barely hold on for third.

I'm going to break this up into two parts so it doesn't get too media heavy. Also, it gives me two posts while I'm gone instead of one. Winning!

Stay tuned for Part II tomorrow!


  1. Daw! I love how much detail you have on his career!

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  5. It's so cool that you have all this info about him.

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