Friday, April 26, 2013

I will not be defeated by Rolex!

Barn today, no barn tomorrow, barn early Sunday morning. I kind of remembered that I kind of have a show next weekend... and also the weekend after that (money dependent at this point). Guess I better keep chugging away after all. Damn you, Rolex.

poor starving ponies locked off of grass!
until 6:30. don't be fooled.
"you come to me. and you bring me the cookies."
I was all excited to see the jumps had been rearranged in the outdoor so I took a second to put them all up between 2'6" and 3'. I grabbed the naked pony, groomed ten pounds of hair off of him, and got him tacked up. Rode up to the outdoor.... and saw a lesson just starting. And she had knocked all the jumps down to 2'.


little tiny jumps.
Oh well. I didn't really want to ride in the indoor and I was already at the gate, so I let myself in and started flatting. Robert rather enjoys having an audience and he went right to work with literally no effort from me. If I wanted him to do it, he did it, no questions asked. It helped that the other horse in the arena was an OTTB mare--Bobby's fave. Hey, girl, heeyyyy!

We did some w/t/stretchy trot/c/canter lengthenings. BO even commented on how much more muscular Bobby looks. Walked around a bit more while lessoner went back and forth over the X, then joined her in some flying changes. Parked it in the corner and watched her and her mare go careening over the line and then snuck in and loped over it like a hunter a few times. I was bummed the jumps were so small, but I was really happy with Bobby for not giving a fuck. Late last year, he was all, "Tiny jump? WATCH ME KILL THIS TINY JUMP!! I JUST SHOWED THAT TINY JUMP!!"

maybe buttercup ears helped channel the calm. poor dude.
We went over the X twice, the gate once (and got a long spot to it), and then finished with a few fabulouso jumps over the coop. Seriously, could this horse and I be any different from last year? Jumping is so easy!! Hopefully I can drag Hubby out for some documentation on Sunday. And then we really must do some dressage work.

riding back to his paddock. such a good pony face.


  1. Chill work over tiny jumps is a good thing!

  2. You guys are going to rock these horse shows!

  3. You guys are going to do great :D Sounds like an awesome ride!


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