Saturday, April 27, 2013

Top 5 under 30

My top five favorite blogs with under thirty followers. Let's get that number up, eh? (That was a nod to the Canadians included, eh?)

Eventing in the Great White North

An eventer going Prelim in Alberta Canada with her super hot and super talented OTTB mare Sunny. Always lots of videos (including helmet cam!) and pictures. The posts are well written and detailed, and I like that she doesn't hide her occasional troubles with her mare.

Against My Better Judgement

A Fingerlakes Finest gelding that wears pink like a real man. Seriously, I would probably read this blog even if it all it included was pictures of the Princess River in his outfits. However, she also writes about bringing along an "older" OTTB fresh off the track, and I love seeing how much progress they make.

Forging Fiction

Oh my gosh, I love this blog so much. Exceptionally well written (which is not always the case in blogger land), she writes about bringing along her young OTTB to event with hopes of one day going all the way to the top. Fiction is so talented, and I love reading about him learning his new job.

Team Awesome

An eventing Appy going Prelim? Yes, please. Loaded with pictures in her frequent posts, Holly writes amusing accounts of getting Fleck going at the Prelim level and maintaining optimal soundness to do it. Always interesting jumping and dressage exercises recounted that I like to steal.

Time in the Saddle

Another Canadian! And this one doesn't even event. Jingle is like Bobby's northern Paint counterpart. He's a little naughty, a lot cheeky, but just special enough that his mother adores him. Well written and full of great riding and life stories. It's also fun to read about different disciplines. Who knows? Maybe one day Bobby and I will take up reining. (No. No we won't.)


  1. Thank for the links! I'm always looking for new reads!

  2. Thanks for this, excited to read more about my fellow canucks!

  3. Thanks for the mention <3 I'm glad you enjoy reading about us. I look forward to your blog all the time - it really makes me laugh. You know - your blog was the first I ever followed AND the reason I decided to start my own? Just thought I would throw that out there :)

    BTW: We live very close to one another. I hope to see you at a show some day!

  4. Woo hoo thanks for some new blogs, two I didn't know about! Totally love recommendations!

  5. Aw, thanks for the recommendation! I'll tell Princess he's getting famous ;).


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