Saturday, July 28, 2012

Various Maladies.

Whew, it's been awhile since I've been greeted with, "Your horse is dead lame." It was starting to make me a little nostalgic. Good thing PM BM broke the news to me first thing this afternoon.

Bobby pulled his RF shoe and then pulled his hoof boot off in the paddock so he was sore from that. His LF shoe was torqued so Hubby ended up yanking that so he didn't pull his whole foot off with it. Treated his ongoing thrush crack (Seriously. Who gets thrush in summer when we haven't had rain in two months?!) and checked for any bruising or potential abcesses before putting boots on both fronts. Fortunately there was no sign of either.

"check out my new kicks!"
I gave him a quick grooming while he ate his handful of grain doused with Bute and saw a few spots of developing hives. So I tossed in some HistALL that will get him started for the next five days to kick those in the butt. BM was surveying him in the crossties and commented, "You look rough, Bobby." So we agreed to up his grain a bit, though it won't do anything for his disgustingly bleached out and dyed buckskin coat.

"oh? i still get cookies even though i'm an ugly duckling?"
I caught BO as she was finishing up with a lesson and we chatted farriers. My supposed-to-be-new farrier didn't do Bobby last time because he was having back surgery. Bobby had to get done by someone so Old Farrier did him. Well, New Farrier came out the next week with his temporary substitute and of course Bobby didn't need to get done. So now everyone that NF does is caught up, and OF comes every Tuesday, so that's where my discussion with BO led. She said she'd call NF and see if he could come out Friday if I thought I could baby Bobby through some light rides in the indoor with boots on. I guess there are two other horses that need to get done whose owner doesn't want OF to do them anymore.

I can work with that as long as I get confirmation NF will be out for sure Friday. Bucks is only two weeks away, but Bobby's not going to lose too much fitness with a week off. He's only going BN and Bucks is lacking in any challenging terrain. Fingers crossed.

In other barn drama malady news, Gabby is not doing so well. The general consensus with everyone, vet included, is that she should be put down. She can't bear any weight on her bad leg, she has sores everywhere from laying down so much and banging into things trying to get up, she isn't drinking, she isn't eating, and she doesn't even try to stand on her own anymore. But her owner doesn't want to make the call so..... It really bothers me when people do this to their animals. Yes, she's your friend, your horse, your pet. Don't let her lay there dying slowly. Put her out of her misery because she can't do it herself.


  1. Yikes, poor Bobby. I totally understand the bleached out coat. Houston's is finally getting a little better in that I have some how put some shine back into it but he is still that weird color.

    Hope that Bobby keeps his boots on until the NF can take care of him!

  2. I hope your NF can come out and work magic on Bobby's feet!

    Sucks about Gabby :(

  3. Hopefully the new farrier can come out Friday(:

    As with Gabby, I hope the owner can make the call soon. I hope when Pippis time comes I can put her down. I rather put her down a day early then a day late and in pain. But I guess time will tell when we get the that point. Poor Gabby tho.

  4. Oh hi Thrush?! Yes, we often battle that. Like all the times!!! So far, after trying EVERY product under the sun-I like "Thrush Off" purple magic potion the best. It's diff for every horse it seems. And in a pinch, I've duct taped an easy boot pad to Laz's ouchie hoof in past when no boot would stay on due to retar retar hoof shape. Duct tape=magic. Why do OTTBS have glass feet?!! I hope he heals up quick, which I'm sure he will. Sad to hear about Gabby but it sounds like letting her go was indeed the kind thing to do.


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