Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pony things.

So many pony things today. Where to start?

I guess first I should say that I'm having more issues with my supplements being fed. I had this problem in the early spring and BO said to date the SmartPaks so that next time it happened, there was no way week day BM could say she was feeding them when I know she's not. I started dating them and the next few months have been fine. A couple of weeks ago, I saw that Bobby had missed a day so I dumped the supplements in with his PM feed. No big deal, she must have just forgotten. Next day, same thing. I didn't say anything to BO then because the next few days he was getting them again. A week and a half ago, I checked and he's behind two days. And this weekend, when I did finally approach BO, he was up to three days.

Week day BM is a little crazy in many ways. One of her things is if she thinks a horse doesn't need something, she won't give it to them. I'm a high maintance control freak and I want my horse to get what I give him every single day. I don't care if you think he doesn't need it--I pay for it! BO had another talk with BM and I'm going to start putting only five days in at a time so there's no way I can be mistaken on when she misses a day.

And in case you're wondering what magical supplements Bobby gets, he's on Clitheroe's Garlic Granules for flies and ticks (and yes, I do see a huge difference in his sensitive TB skin not getting eaten alive) and SmartHoof which he's been on since I got him back in December until I took him off at the end of May and he started losing his shoes left and right so he's back on it now. Magical.

Other pony news: the jumps are all getting painted pretty colors! BO hired a new worker and he's been man-beasting his way around the farm. The arenas are looking awesome, and he does fun things like this in his spare time:

In other Bobby health news, his front legs are covered in bot eggs. Fuck no. I wormed him with Ivermectin and shaved all of them off. Nasty things. Another horse has them on his legs too. He goes out in the same paddock as Bobby, but in the AM. Sounds to me like everyone needs a little shot of fake apple flavored goodness.

In riding news, Bobby got his bum worked off today. The "severe thunderstorms" have yet to roll in (although the clouds are starting to look a little more menacing now) so it was sunny and breezy and beautiful enough to ride in the outdoor today. But first Bobby had to visit people in the aisleway and get some lovings from his adoring fans. He was a little sleepy and complacent when we first started out, but I somehow finally told myself to stop nagging him with my leg and spurs and just tell him to do what I'm aking and be done. We were both much happier when I got that through my head.

Me: Bobby, bend on this circle. Now.

Bobby: Okay.

Me: Ahh, what? Ok, good boy. Moving on.

Bobby: Thank you, stupid whore, for taking another step in the right direction of correct riding. Do I have to teach you everything?

Things we worked on during warm up:

* trot-halt-trot transitions

* spiraling circles

* counter bend at walk and trot

* sitting trot

After a solid half an hour w/t warm up, I dropped my stirrups and worked on the trot some more. Or, attempted to. Bobby was ready to move on to the canter and whenever I told him no, he'd throw up his head and hollow his back until I asked him to regroup at the walk. At the walk, he was fabulous. Back at the trot, he wanted none of it. I managed to get him somewhat compliant and did just under ten minutes of no stirrup trot work before he started being a serious tool again.

I picked my stirrups back up to give myself some help and we worked on the canter. More simple changes work. He did not want to pick up his left lead to start us out to save his life, and I insisted he do it which made him get flustered and tense. Once he finally got it, I gave him a loose rein and stroked his neck as we went around quietly before asking him to start working. That helped defuse the situation mostly. His simple changes, as always, started out rough. He was blowing right through my half halts and didn't want to come down to the trot. I had to give him a big whoa several times before he starting tuning in. Once he did, however, he skipped right through them and his canter was amazing. He's so close to flying changes.

I let him stretch out and take a long walk break before shortening my stirrups and doing some jumps. Why? Because he worked really, really hard and jumping was his reward. He did the gate awesomely, but kept getting in too close to the oxer. He nailed the distance to the coop the first time like a fucking hunter horse and just coasted right over so we ended an hour and half ride there.

nothing like a good face spray when it's hot out.
Sarah wants to go up to the xcountry field tomorrow so I agreed to go out with her and do my two point work then instead of Thursday. It's way less boring when you've got someone to talk to!


  1. I like SmartHoof too, I switched to the SmartCombo since it had other supplements I wanted to use too.

    Hopefully the supp issue gets resolved!

  2. Seriously?? That would piss me off. They're already in pre-labelled boxes. It's not hard, idiot. Grrr.

    1. Apparently it's incredibly difficult to remove them from the box and then take them to his stall via the wheelbarrow that also carries his grain and also lives right next to his supplement box.

  3. I'd be seriously peed-off about those supplements. Seriously- Wtf??

    Also- I'm super envious of those colorful jumps!

  4. I am going to have to try those garlic supplements for my beast. The ticks and flies have been attacking him worse than the other two beasts...I told my hubby it was because he's just so much sweeter than the other two...hahaha

    1. Trust me, he won't smell sweet after he starts the garlic! Bobby's a picky eater and even with the strong smell, he finishes his grain. It takes him awhile, but he does clean his bucket.


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