Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fun in the field.

Gosh, good thing that massive thunderstorm didn't make the xcountry field too wet. Oh, wait. That massive thunderstorm only yielded one-tenth of an inch of rain.

Sarah and I did our good dead for the day and did a make-over on Olivia's horse Kidd. Olivia has been in Chile for the past three months and Kidd had turned into a bit of a pregnant wild beast. I pulled his mane (which you can barely tell, but I took a good six inches off!) while Sarah trimmed his face, ears, and legs. Then we scrubbed down his big white stockings and posed him up for some pictures to get Olivia through the week until she's home again.


how can you not love that face?

We headed up to the field with Blackberry and Bobby and marveled that the new worker had finally spread the dirt for the banks! This guy is amazing! Unfortunately, he ran out and didn't get any more footing in until today so he only had the landing sides done. They still look so much better though. Sarah got to work on some of the jumps while Bobby and I made big loops at the trot around the bottom half of the field up and down the hill. The xcountry field is perfect for terrain work. It's a 12 acre field that's mostly flat at the top of the hill before it drops to good size slope that, depending on which part you go up/down, has undulating terrain or flat footing.


We took a break from trotting and did a little point-to-pointing (jumping at the same time) with Sarah and Blackberry over a couple logs. It's a good thing the two Bs are BFFs because they tolerate our bad questionable decisions really well.

mr magee.
Bobby and I took a break to snap some pictures of Sarah jumping.

feeling fresh after doing the ditch.
I tricked her into jumping the 3' trakhener I have yet to get brave enough to try Bobby over. She asked me how tall it was and I told her I'd tell her once she jumped it. As she cantered up to it, I called out that she'd better ride him pretty forward in case he took a peak at the ditch under it, to which she responded with, "There's a ditch?!" But they beasted it and were quite proud of themselves.

21yo. Quarter Pony. Bad ass all the way.
She let Blackberry walk around to catch his breath while Bobby and I did two canter laps around the whole field. It took about seven minutes to complete, but Bobby was in his western lope mode. I didn't want to ask for too much speed because I'm still a chicken about going downhill at a walk sometimes so it was a big step for me to keep him at the canter down a real hill. I had to tell myself that when he started dropping his head not to follow him with my arms and upper body and send us both onto our forehands. Instead, I made use of the elevator bit and asked him to pick his front end up. In return, I kept my upper body more balanced above him and we both felt pretty secure going down. Huge win!

Just for fun, and because we're both down with a good race, we lined the boys up for a final sprint up the hill. Blackberry, being a Quarter Horse, won yet again, but Bobby put in a good show and wasn't miles behind for once. Plus, even after cantering for almost ten minutes straight with a blow out up a steep hill, he barely took a deep breath and was back to breathing normally in no time. Thoroughbreds for the win!

And in chicken news to finish you off, four of the six chickens have been named. The brown leghorn below is the great Kevin (which Hubby took some convincing on since they're all girls), and the gold comet beside her is Helga because, according to Hubby, she looks like a fat Swede. The two red comets were named Big Bertha and Bernice.

kevin and helga.

big bertha.

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