Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Bell Boot Saga

Through a barnwide effort, we might have found the perfect set of bell boots for Bobby. He's become famous for the vast amount of chili powder he goes through, and one of the BMs favorite games is to guess how he got the stupid things off. He has literally gone through TEN pairs of bell boots. Ten! Do you want to know how much money that is? No, you certainly do not. We thought we'd won with a pair of small pull ons that we had to use half a pound of lotion to get on. Then he came in with one missing, so one of the double velcroed Davis boots got soaked in chili powder each time he went out. That worked for a couple weeks until it met its end Monday. He'd eaten the velcro off. "Tastes like tacos!" he said. BM dug us up another small pull on and Hubby used his huge man muscles to get it on. Fingers crossed he keeps them on!

So if you've noticed in his pictures he has on an odd assortment of mis-matched bell boots, that's why. I love matching, but I love my horse keeping his shoes on even more.

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that celebrated the 4th by riding. Everyone at my barn canceled their lessons! Lame.

I took advantage of Hubby having the day off and signed him up for running us through a little grid. I dug out a saddle from the back of BO's "this is where I keep all my extra crap I've accumulated over sixty years" tack room. It's a Crosby Corinthian and it's in pretty awesome shape despite needing a week's worth of oiling. Always on the search for a real saddle that fits both Bobby and I, I decided to try it out. The stirrups were ridiculously long, and the seat was only a 16.5 instead of a 17, but it does look nice and it has a forward flap that fits my awkwardly long femur. Bobby's such a tool about doing anything but jumping in the outdoor, I couldn't tell if it bothered him or if he was just being a brat warming up.

the outdoor is only fun when we get to canter jumps!

Working with what was in the arena, we did a modified version of the second exercise in my Wofford book. Ground pole, 9' to a 2' vertical, 18' (one stride) to a 2' oxer. Here's how we built up to it:

I know Lillian did some gridwork with him, but I've never done it so I was really happy with how quickly he picked it up. We had a few bobbles since he was being pretty sloppy over the tiny vertical, but I figured I'd keep it as easy as possible this time around. He'll definitely need another foot added for a one stride when the height goes up. His big body needs time to get out of its own way.
It's going to take some finnagaling to find days to get out to the barn. The key got stuck in the ignition of my car a week ago which is apparently a very common problem in Saturns. Unfortunately because Saturns aren't made anymore, the replacement part is now considered a "specialty" part and costs $275. Add in labor and getting a new key cut and the garage quoted us $350. Fabulous. Not that I don't love having to turn my car off by unhooking the battery.... Gas money is going to be pretty much non-existent until the next paycheck. Sunday will be a definite at least.
black and white bell boots!


  1. My Riva is a pro at losing bell boots also. Luckily, she has had the same two pairs of ugly whitish thick pull ons for over a year. Husband has to take them on and off - no way can I do it - for showing. The few times she has 'lost' one, the barn help find it in her pasture when they mow :) I don't know how people keep the velcro type on their horses.

  2. Bobby looks great!

    Sorry about your car, that sucks! I am thankful my hubby is a mechanic when I hear about stuff like that!

  3. Ugh. Nothing like those "modern classics", eh?

    Bobby is looking great. :-)

  4. Hey there,
    I just found your blog, so glad I did! Can't wait to see what else you have :)

  5. Bobby looks good. Sorry about your car.. something must be in the air!


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