Monday, May 21, 2012


trip and spyder wanted to come in with robert.
Nothing exciting to report from yesterday. Same foot as the one from the days before. However, the farrier did actually come out this afternoon, and....

It's not an abscess! I wanted to know why the stupid thing hadn't blown out yet and Farrier was like, "Well, it's acting more like a puncture wound." Hello, Farrier. If you had been there on time when I was waiting around to talk to you, I could have told you that we yanked a nail out from where the spot was. Oh, well. I probably would have been doing the same thing anyway. It was weeping a little bit when he poked around in the hole with a nail, but Bobby wasn't bothered by it so that's promising. Farrier said he was astonished at how much Bobby's feet fell apart in just four days. He got all four shoes back on, with brand new shoes on the front. Farrier dumped iodine on his toes and sent him on his way with a new treatment plan.

Bobby will be soaked two more days once a day for only ten minutes just to make sure the hole stays clean, and then he'll get ichtammol on it after his soak. Then I'll start putting Venice Turpentine on it to toughen up the area. Hopefully I can get back on him this weekend!

In other good news, turnout got switched all around so now Bobby is going out from 2:30pm - 7:30am instead of the other way around. He'll still get to be with his friends Spyder, Trip, and Ranger, and his other herdmate Bennie with a new addition of one of the cutest Arabians on the planet, Ty. Memphis will be getting turned out with Sarah's other horse Blackberry who will hopefully teach him some manners. More turnout and no bullies? I'll take it!

artie. so handsome.
I rode Spyder again this morning. Much, much better after some tack changes. I rode in a jump saddle with a running martingale and my Micklem with the slow twist. It all came together for the happy, responsive horse that I fell in love with last year and a really great ride. I equalled my seven minutes of two point in a jump saddle. My legs were burning with the short stirrup length, but it felt good to be riding again with a nice horse. I'm going to try to get on him a few more times before Bobby comes back into work so I don't get too rusty.


  1. Hooray new turnout plan!! I do the turnout at our barn and I spend hours obsessing over the groups and rotations... Can't imagine letting some one get beat up.

  2. Woot for finally figuring out what is going on with your man. Here's to speedy healing!

  3. At least the medical procedure was pretty much the same!!
    Love that drafty horse. I'd have him in my backyard in three seconds.

  4. Glad you figured out what was wrong with your man! Heres to a speedy healing.


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