Friday, May 18, 2012


I was super happy to see this news story this afternoon. Why? Todd Bixler is one of Hubby's clients and one of our first real friends we made when we moved down here. Jesse, his son, took care of my horses (Red, Storm, and Bobby) whenever Hubby and I were away when I was leasing a pasture down the road from their farm. You know he's a cool kid because out of those three, his favorite horse was Red Pony. Todd was out of the hospital in three weeks after the accident, but Jesse stayed in an induced coma for several months. Todd's hands were burned the worse and he still has to wear gloves when he's outside, but obviously Jesse took the brunt of the explosion. It's awesome to see him not only alive, but functioning pretty normally!

finishing his breakfast hay during his soak.
On the pony front, the bad news is that Other Farrier did not make an appearance today. At least, I'm asuming he didn't because BO said she would call me if she heard back from him that he would be coming out. It's now 6pm and no word. However, BO did say that my regular farrier will be out Monday. Apparently he didn't trim Robert's feet because A) without the shoes, his feet would have crumbled into nothingness in the four days between visits (this is true--Bobby has awful feet) so he'd just have to trim them again, and B) Robert was in so much pain, he was not cooperating at all even holding a foot up.

However, the good news is that, while still very ouchie and lame, he walked out of his stall much better this morning. We even ventured up the hill for fifteen minutes of grazing. Nothing like knee high wet grass for an extra foot soak!


darcy grazing as well.
If he's even slightly improved tomorrow, he's going outside. I know he's got to be footsore all around without shoes on, and I know his LF has got to really hurt, but I hate having him in his stall all day. I'd imagine walking around outside would help get the juices flowing to pop this friggin' thing as well.

I dug a little more out, but still no explosion of grossness. Grr.
I may have to also cave in to BO's suggestion to get on another horse while I'm out there. I'm starting to miss riding!


  1. That news story is great news! I am so glad they are ok and doing well!

    Man poor Bobby... hope he feels better tomorrow so he can go out!

  2. Poor Bobby:( Abscesses are no fun. Fingers crossed it pops soon.

  3. I have never seen an abscess and can only imagine.


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