Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bad news on the clinic front.

I've had to cancel my spot for the Jimmy Wofford Clinic in June. Insert super sad face here, followed by lots of self pity tears. The clinic takes place on the first weekend of June and that Saturday just so happens to be my birthday. Hubby was all gung-ho for taking the day off (he works Saturdays this time of the year) when I sent in the check and entry back in March, but as I was getting things organized last week and trying to find a hotel room and a place for the dogs, he decided he couldn't possibly get the day off. Really? Really. He doesn't get paid for overtime, he just has his head up his boss's backside. I'm trying not to be childish, but I'm really kind of pissed. It wouldn't be a big deal at all if the stupid P.O.S. truck we bought so that I could do things on my own this summer worked, but it doesn't. It's sitting in the driveway still sporting a hole in the gas tank. Fabulous.

Bobby's had the past few days off to let his body recover and wait for his feet to get done (today is the day). I'm going to try to get out tomorrow or Thursday, but it might have to wait for Friday. So everything is kind of on the "blah" front right now with nothing to blog about.

Plantation has been penciled in for June 10th with a schooling at Burgundy Hollow the Sunday before. If I go through with it, the plan would be to warm up Mr Magee like I did at the show and just run the BN course straight through and individually school any issues afterwards. Hopefully the lack of start-stop work will keep his brain focused. I'll keep you updated!


  1. Can you catch a ride to the Wofford clinic? Try! I can imagine you are so bummed.

  2. That sucks. Good luck with plan B.

  3. How disappointing for you. Good Luck for the Plantation Fields though.

  4. Lame!!! At least there's still something to look forward to.


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