Monday, April 23, 2012

Part Two

Random videos from Sunday's ride. I want them uploaded before Blogger flips shit again.

The right lead used to be his good way, but after he got adjusted it's been his bad way. I'm going to try to get the massage lady out as soon as possible; unfortunately, I can't afford the chiro out again right now.

One of the trailers pulled in from a hunter show the barn was at as we were cantering to the left. And there were horses on it. Oh my gosh, it was just too much for Tiny Bobby Brain. We had to take a walk break for the horses to get off and him to refocus. Sort of.

This was at the end of our mad dash around the arena and where we ended. His trot was semi-normal and he wasn't yanking my arms out so it was a small win.

Today wasn't much better. In fact, it was worse. We started off with some really nice leg yields and turns on the forehand at the walk, but it fell apart pretty quickly at the trot. I didn't even get around to the canter. After twenty minutes of fighting, I jumped off and plopped my ass on the mounting block to let him run some crazies out. He literally cantered around the arena with zero urging from me for ten minutes straight. Non-stop. I timed him. I don't know what was up his fanny, but he clearly needed to go for a romp. I ended that ride with one trot lap around the arena and a good halt down the centerline.

hanging out cooling out before dinner.

I have a game plan for tomorrow's ride that I hope helps him out, but you'll have to wait until then. I'm still mad at Blogger.


  1. just wanna say I LOVE your blog! Happy your back to posting and yes new blogger SUCKS!

  2. Love the videos. Hope your rides start improving soon tho.


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