Saturday, April 7, 2012

Grown Up Horsie rides again!

Friday I did a short dressage school. His trot work was pretty fabulous and I had to remind him less and less that he needs to keep walking forward and not drag his feet. However, his canter work left a lot to be desired. And by that I mean, I desired a bit more control than I was getting. He was being a total monster and I was having a lot of trouble just holding him back, let alone getting any real work out of him. I think he enjoyed his day off a little too much. Baby Horsie is getting fit, fit, fit.

I finally backed off to work him at the walk and trot some more to get him to relax his silly face and bend that silly body to the left. We went back to the canter, but by that point my bum shoulder was hurting so fucking bad it was pretty much useless and I called it quits after one semi-decent circle. I finished the ride with a few walk-halt-back transitions.

This afternoon, I dragged Hubby along as pro photog and set off for the cross country course. Hubby was okay with this because he got to play on the ATV the whole time. The puppies were also pumped to go romping around after him.

sooo slowww.

we did a lot of walking around.
Robert was a friggin' Grown Up Horsie superstar. We only jumped the jumps in the top half of the field because while he probably could have jumped the other, bigger jumps, I didn't want his confidence shaken in any way.

Buuuut.....we did jump every single jump up there and he didn't have a single hissy fit or a refusal or run-out of any kind.

We did have a couple of hiccups, but they were mostly my mistakes. His first time ever over the above jump he was kind of looky at it, so instead of giving him some encouragement with my legs, all I did was sit there and say, "Go over. Go over. Go over." Fortunately, he was being a very good, game pony and went over on his own accord.

Over several jumps, I didn't have him cantering forward enough and we took several really short spots thanks to me.  Bobby is okay with short spots. He's really good on the perfect distance, but he will not take a long spot, which is completely the opposite of Red. Red chose his own spots pretty much all the time (because according to him, I knew nothing about jumping and I should leave the work to him), and he always jumped from a mile away. So one jump, I actually did boot Bobby forward when I saw a doable long spot and I went ahead and jumped....and he chipped in another half stride, causing my va-jay-jay to land directly on the pommel of my saddle. Last time I did that, I promise you.


He was also quite exuberant going over the ditch. Usually he just puts in enough effort to clear it, but he was so proud of all his "YOU ARE SUCH A SMART HORSIE!" praises that he thought he might get some extra brownie points for leaping extra high and wide.

second obstacle in a bending line. so excited.
He also charged the tiny hanging log that he flipped shit at in the epic "Let's go backwards All. Day. Long" day the first time through, but he settled down the second time.

ZOMG, tiny log! Must GALLOP over!!

And last but not least, we went over the picket fence twice. I don't know what it is about this jump, but Bobby raps it with his legs every single time he goes over it, without fail. I don't know if he underestimates its size (about 2'3), or if it's not wide so he thinks it's a stadium jump and will fall down if he hits it, or what it is. He didn't back off from it today because the footing was amazing, but he was like canter, canter, jumpWHACK, canter, canter. I think I might yank his boots off the next time we go out just as a friendly reminder that solid jumps not only don't fall down, but they also hurt when you run into them.

about to smack his back feetsies the first time through.

whacked the front leggies second time through.
I was so proud of Grown Up Horsie today. He was a total professional. He was also very, very tired by the time we got back to the barn. Maybe he's not as fit as he likes to pretend he is. I fully expect to find a pee spot on his side tomorrow from him passing flat out in his stall tonight.

good pony!


  1. He is so adorable. I love his expressions.

  2. He reminds me so much of Yankee when he was younger!

    1. Hopefully he learns to jump like Yankee now!

  3. What a good boy. That looks like a ton of fun.


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