Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dedicated to Karley Fuller.

Dear Karley,
I love you.

Is that too forward of me? I'm sorry, but old Blogger is back!!! Thank you for the tip!!!! YAY!!!

Ok, back to your regularly scheduled pony news....

bobby, trip, and spyder.
Bobby is the leader of his own little herd of OTTBs. Spyder follows him around everywhere, even when I bring him down from the grass to ride, and now new dude Trip desperately wants to hang with the TB gang. Bobby's down as Bobby has never met a horse he doesn't want to be his BFF.

still the best bffs.
trip again, just because he's so cute.

Tomorrow I'm going to take Trip for a test spin. Because I can. And because BO asked if I would try him in the indoor since he's only been in there once with a not so great rider and had a meltdown. What? A young TB having a meltdown? I have no idea what that's like!

Oh, wait....

carrot stretch goonie face.

Bobby was looking too cute when I got done grooming him so I tried to stand him up for a conformation shot. Getting him to stand still from a distance is so hard. He's all, "Heeyyyy, whatcha doin' over thurr?"

then he gets distracted by something and poses cutely.
He's looking so good. His ribs are showing a bit, but Mighty Magees are well known for their massive rib cages so I'm not at all concerned about it. BO made the comment that he's looking much more symetrical--his back end is catching up with his front end. Also, you can't fully appreciate how shiny and muscley he is in pictures. He really looks quite debonaire.

Our ride started off pretty well. I longed him first as stage one in my plan of attack. He was totally quiet and responsive. W/T was better than it has been the past two days. Stage two of my plan was to ask him to walk or halt as a reward as soon as I got half a lap of good, steady trot. That was working awesome and I was slowly able to trot for longer periods of time without crazies. We worked on getting bendy and balanced to the left on circles where he tends to counter-bend too much. He did a few really nice ones and I was ready to move on to the canter.

Ugh. Awful. Just awful. He picked up the wrong lead the first time I asked for the depart and he got completely flustered and lost all confidence in himself. He turned into a total ball of nerves and started down the fast track to a total meltdown. But for once I rose to the occasion and got us mostly sorted out!

I let my reins loose almost to the buckle and just asked him to trot around until he was trotting like a normal horse. Then, without touching the reins, I asked him to canter again. He got the lead and took off galloping down the long side. Well, we weren't cantering in place with his head in the rafters anymore! I slowly picked up my reins and regained some semblance of control. However, he had settled into a much too fast pace--the same speed he was rolling around at yesterday by himself. Lots and lots and lots of half halts and I was able to get a few circles at a big but not horribly out of control canter. He came back down to a mach speed trot and I made him WHOA right away. Backed up a few steps and ended the ride there.

I didn't stop the torture though. I hopped off once he'd stopped blowing and grabbed the dressage whip. He immediately was like, "OH NO!!! YOU'RE GOING TO KILL ME AFTER ALL! I KNEW IT WAS COMING!" But after ten minutes of slow work with lots of "good boy"s, I was able to rub and tap him all over with it. He's not dumb, he's just a bit of a nutcase. Whip desensitisation work is going to continue with a vengance. It's a silly thing to be afraid of.

And finally, the loose ring isn't going to work. I'm going to try one with a french link tomorrow just to see if he likes the different mouth piece, but even BO said she'd like to see him in something a hair stronger. Why, oh why can't slow twists be dressage legal?!


  1. Hooray for a good ride!! Sounds like you finally found something that's going to work for him. :-)

    Not sure if it will help you at all, but I have this:

    For when I want just a hair more control. The center plate is stronger than the more-popular lozenge shaped bean and the fixed cheek seems to work better on nervous tbs in my experience. I'd offer to mail you one, but I'm keeping mine and don't have a spare. Good luck!

    1. hmm, I think that might be the same link of the loose ring I'm borrowing tomorrow. But I'll keep that in mind if it's not.

  2. Good luck for your ride on Trip :) It's awesome you get to ride him.
    Good Luck with the french link!

    1. Thanks! Hopefully he's not a maniac!

  3. You definitely need to drop the hint to someone that trip needs a matching blanket as his two new bestest buddies... that photo of the two side by side is too cute, imagine it with three of them! :)

    1. Oooh, I'll definitely go digging tomorrow to see if I can find one!

  4. Bahahahaha you are very welcome! :)

    It must be something having to do with how cool our name is :)

  5. HOw did you change blogger? I HATE new blogger.

    1. There's a little toggle/wheel icon on the top right corner of the screen. Click on it and it says something like "Revert to Old Kick Ass Blogger."

  6. He does look good. I don't hate seeing ribs on OTTBs :) Handsome boi!


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