Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In love.

I rode Trip second, but I'm going to talk about him first. And really, the title about sums it up--I adore this horse.

I rode Bobby up to the top of their mountain/pasture and grabbed Trip. He was kind of snorty and looky leading down the hill and away from him friends and the grass, but he was very aware of his body and stayed out of my personal bubble. He stood very nicely on the crossties as I got my stuff around, but once I started currying near his back, he got very antsy. I prodded him a bit, but the first day I saw him I could tell his back was sore. Hubby was petting him along his back and he kept pinning his ears and trying to nip. Unfortunately for him, he was still getting worked, but I did loads of carrot stretches with him--once he figured out WTF I was trying to get him to do--and stuck him on the longe to stretch out before I got on.

ignore how far back the saddle is. i brought it forward three times
before i ever got on.
He was a good boy for longing and didn't seem at all concerned about being in the indoor on a windy day. BO said he was washed out the first (and last) time he was in there before the girl even got on. No problems for me! He did nudge me with his nose as I was walking in front of him to drop my stirrup and banged me into the gate. It wasn't malicious--more like a, "Hey, we're friends in this scary place, right?" But I gave him a loud NO! and combined with the bang of the gate he jumped back and looked at me with a very apolegetic stare.

I walked him for about ten minutes on a loose rein with my legs out of the stirrups, still expecting some sort of blow up. Nothing. He got a little tense when a semi came down the hill with their jake brake on, but he kept on walking along like a total gem. Lots of circles and changes of direction and I finally picked up my stirrups.

He instantly reached out for some contact, ready to go to work. So I asked him to "collect" up a little and he happily and immediately obliged. Wowza! Same at the trot--ready to work and carry the bit and his body. All I had to do was ask. He even offered to stretch down several times without once making me feel like he was trying to snatch the bit from me. Someone's had some lessons in his past!

I didn't canter him and only rode for about twenty minutes as I felt bad about his back, but I was seriously impressed....and totally head over heels. Who wants to pay board for a second horse for me?? Anyone? Anyone at all? Please?

Obviously his back needs work--probably both chiro and some good massage work. His feet need to get done. His teeth probably need to get done as he was a little fussy with his bit (a plain hunter dee). He needs weight and he's covered in scars. But dang. I really want him. I also really don't want snobby, not-so-great, rich girl rider face to buy him. The worst part? I texted Hubby that we were going to have to find a way to pay for a second horse and what did he text back? "I'd be ok with that. I like him too." Shame on you, Hubby! No enabling! Let me give him a few more rides--see how he canters, how he feels about poles and xrails, and then we'll talk. But I still want him.....

who is that cute horse in the mirror?
SO! On to Mr Magee. I didn't try the french link today because it was nice out and I wanted to take advantage of it and do some jumping. One can only take so much flat work in a row. That means he got his trusty slow twist shoved into his maw and we went to the outdoor for some fun.

After an uneventful warm up, minus my aching pathetic thighs from my uber short stirrups, I started him off over some individual fences. He was good. I needed a few launches from the base of the jump to remind myself that he had to have more of a canter, but we found our rhythm pretty quickly and in short order had made up an 8 jump course. Prepare for Paint awesomeness!

OK: Start with red to a big X, yellow to a 2'6" vertical with cones underneath, follow the yellow to the gate where we changed direction, blue to the tires, purple to the 2'6" vertical, green back to the gate and another change of direction, brown back to the tires, grey-blue back over the big X to finish.

Gosh, I am such a good artist. If anyone needs any jumping diagrams drawn, just let me know!

* I had to take a break because my dogs just tried to eat the small children walking home from school. They made one of them cry. How awful.

Bobby didn't even think about refusing a single one. He was enjoying himself and putting in really solid efforts to compensate for my terrible riding. And I mean terrible. I was alllll over the place. "Oh, Bobby, jump this! What? Just because you're already half on top of it angled in the totally wrong direction doesn't mean I should circle and get us sorted out first. Good boy! Let me flop all over on your back!" Jeeze. He really was being a saint.

I kept that ride pretty short, too. I have to go finish mowing our giant lawn, but I'll give you a little teaser for a later post: Dressage Shows. And lots of them.


  1. Don't hate me for saying this, but if you keep liking Trip, why don't you find Bobby a new situation and move on? Trip sounds like more your kind of guy. Bobby is a nice horse in his own right, but you don't seem to connect to him all that well.

    I mean, I'm not there and I don't know the situation other than what you've said. It's just that I'm a huge advocate for loving your horse and not screwing around with the rest.

    1. I only hate you because I keep rolling it around in my own head. ;) It's definitely something I'm going to keep in the back of my mind over the next few rides on Trip.

  2. I was totally thinking the same thing as SprinklerBandit! :)

  3. Trip sounds amazing!!
    Sounds like you had two awesome rides!!


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