Saturday, December 17, 2011


The new horse came home today:

"Hold on!" you say. "Don't I recognize those big donkey ears?"

Yes, yes you do. It is the dumb-bum himself, MightyBobbyMagee!

Early followers may remember that back in August, I finally forced myself to deal with the horrible situation my boys were in and I gave Bobby away to a COTHer.  Lillian, Bobby's new mom, has stayed in touch with me and when she heard about Red, she unbelievably, unimaginably offered Bobby back.

It blew me away. How amazingly kind, selfless, understanding, and just downright saintly is that? The power of horse people, baby. We may all be a little crazy, but I don't think there's a closer knit community on earth (at least one that's not also a cult). As Hubby said, "You horse people. You're always giving each other stuff."

No one is ever going to replace Red, but I've known Bobby literally since birth and I've been with him every step of the way. I think it's right that he's the next one. After all, you couldn't get any further apart than the two of them:

Red was small (15.3hh), Bobby is big (17hh). Red was naturally catty, athletic, and scopey. Bobby is big and hasn't figured out how to use his huge body yet. Red was bratty and opinionated, Bobby is willing and dopey. Like I had to work on when I was riding both, Bobby is still a greenie and needs things to be explained thoroughly to him before asking to put it together. Red seemed to just "get" everything I asked.

This should be fun.

A friend of mine from school, whose dad is coincidentally Hubby's boss's boss, also just got an old friend of hers. Bally is a 19yo Quarter Horse who was a lesson horse at the college for years and years and Becca has been dying to bring him home with her for almost as long.  

So yay for Becca and Bally, and welcome home Bobby!


  1. Awesome news! So happy for you.

    Btw, we need more pictures. Stat.

  2. Wow congrats!!

    He is 17 must be very tall!


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