Saturday, December 31, 2011

Adios, 2011!

I don't want to see the likes of you again!

2011 was the craziest year of horse ownership ever for me. A whole lot of bad happened sprinkled with some good moments, and a few really awesome moments.

that's right.
red's secret talent was that he was a serious barrel racing beast.

I completed my first year of eventing with a sixth on Bobby and an elimination, tenth, and fourth on Red. I did a few cross country schoolings, a dressage show (another fourth, this one for Bobby), and I made it around both a stadium and cross country course double clear in both phases in one day on Red. I got to do lots of trail riding through some really gorgeous State Gamelands, we bought an old ugly trailer that hauls like a dream,  and I'm now at a barn with an indoor, outdoor, cross country course, and enough stadium jumps to build a big course with.

sixth in starter horse at high standard stables horse trials.

one fence before getting eliminated at plantation starter trials.

However, I had to sell my OTTB Storm at the beginning of the year to move from a really dreadful  land leasing situation to a real boarding barn, only to have that barn feed the grain I was buying to any old horse in the barn, not feed Red and Bobby any grain period, and give them so little hay that Red dropped 100 pounds in eight months and Bobby dropped 200. I had to give Bobby away when I realized there was nowhere else I could keep two horses on my budget, but Red got to go out with a bang, putting on fifty pounds in just over a month.

in august.

also august. a month before we were finally able to move barns.

And, the worst part of all of 2011, was December 10th when I made the decision to have Red euthanized after a week long battle with colics following a month long battle with high fevers. The unofficial cause was a perforated ulcer, but I'll never know for sure if that's really what it was. Red Pony was my heart horse and he can't ever be replaced, but I'm starting to have fun with Bobby now that he's back in my life.

red gave the finger to 4'.

Goals for next year are to keep eventing, and take Bobby around a Beginner Novice course clear by the end of the summer. I don't have any high hopes for him like I did for Red, but I want to give him a chance and let him show me what he can and can't do.

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