Sunday, December 18, 2011

First ride back.

I got Bobby spit-polished before getting on this afternoon. Mane pulled, tail banged, bridle path and whiskers clipped, and his legs shaved up. He had some serious mud stuck to his legs and I wasn't able to get it all off. His right front is the worst, but I don't see any real evidence of scratches. I think once I get it all washed and curried out, he'll be just fine.

The porker's girth is on one hole on each side--and that's with some serious tugging once I got him moving. I jumped on him to see how he would do, but he was a little dance-y and I didn't want to start a fight so I put him on the longe to get his sillies out.

He was done after about five minutes so I got back on and started again. He was still a little strong, but he settled in and went to work. The riding pictures aren't great because my camera is crap and it was in the indoor so he looks pretty pathetic in all of these, but every now and then he was giving me some good stuff. We ended with one full lap of canter around the arena and two twenty meter circles in each direction.

He got worked for probably twenty minutes, including on the line. He didn't take too long to cool out, so while he is definitely a chunker, I think I'll be able to get him back into shape before too long. The power of Thorougbreds!

I tossed him back outside where he proceeded to scream his brains out while I cleaned up my stuff because he couldn't see the other horses who were over the hill. I finally caved in to his stupidity and led him up the hill until the other horses were in sight. Oh, well. He can't help he's retarded. He'll figure it out eventually.

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