Monday, December 5, 2011

Good update.

I checked on Red at 4 this afternoon. When I got there, he was trying to mooch cookies throught the bars of his stall off of two women tacking up their horses. He was covered in mud from rolling, but I didn't let myself freak out. Red loves to roll, it was 55 outside today, and he was wearing his heavy winter blanket since his temperature was so low this morning (97.8). I think he was just happy to be outside in the mud, and pissed that he had a heavy blanket on in such nice weather.

I took his temp as he amused himself licking the wall after getting several cookies from me. 99.1! YAY!!!!!!

I gave him a good grooming, then moved his one sad flake of hay to under his water so he could dunk it. He kept sniffing his feed tub like, "Excuse me. Someone forgot my grain again." Sorry, Red. You'll have to survive off of hay and peppermints for another day or two.

So far, it looks like there's a very good outcome for him. (Knock on wood.) I'm going to have this new vet do a full blood panel on him, redo the titer for Lyme's and Anaplasmosis, and probably put him back on the doxy, this time for thirty days instead of ten. Hopefully the blood work will reveal something about what's been causing his sporadic high fevers.

I'll keep you lovely readers updated with the new vet's diagnostics, but for now I'm going to sleep for many, many hours.

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